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Words Of Motivation: Making The Impossible Possible

Most people have dreamed of being somebody special, of making a big difference in the world. So many dream of kicking the winning goal in the World Cup final, being a supermodel, having a number one song or perhaps becoming a successful business magnate. In any case, I suspect we all dream of becoming rich, having great relationships and being generally successful.

We all dream amazing dreams and aspire to a better life but sadly they go no further. Our fantasies end up gathering dust as a result of the pressures of everyday life. Somehow we learn not to expect too much from life. As a result we expect just to survive, no wonder so many people turn to drink or drugs to get excitement.

And yet life can be so much better. We just need to learn to take more interest in our dreams and to aim for something more rewarding.

The obstacle most of us encounter is just one word: impossible. This word is hardly a word of motivation - quite the opposite in fact. We learn that a better life is too hard, that we cannot achieve it or we are not deserving of a sweeter life. How often do we hear the phrase 'It's impossible?'

But think about it, if everybody thought like that there would be little in the way of innovations. Human existence seems to depend on moving forward: we need to develop and invent. We need to break through barriers and move forward. Isaac Newton would not made his historic discoveries and Sir Francis Drake would not have sailed around the world if they had succumbed to the belief such things were impossible.

But sometimes the natural world also defies the impossible. Scientists have proved that the bumble bee cannot fly: it's wings are incapable of lifting the bee's large body. The only problem is that nobody has told the bee and it happily flies around in defiance of science.

Unlike the bumble bee, too many people have great dreams - outrageous dreams - and feel unable to achieve them The dreams become simply wishes and the dreamer fails to act on them. Sadly this leads to disillusionment and a refusal to dream at all. Even worse, the disillusioned dreamer then endeavours to undermine the aspirations of others.

It is such limiting assumptions and self-doubt that create a belief that achieving a better life is impossible. It is one thing to dream but another to have the drive to create goals and a plan to achieve what any others would deem to be impossible.

One way to overcome doubts about ambitious dreams is to set and achieve lesser goals on the way to the big dream.

Try this: take a piece of A4 paper. You could use a word processing program on your computer but pen and paper still seems more effective. Write down three columns and label them 'Easy,' 'Possible' and 'Impossible.' Now let your mind run wild. What would you really like to achieve? Write your dreams under each heading. Include those things you were going to work for over the next few weeks; don't worry that you might have completed them anyway, just put them under the 'Easy' heading.

By the end of this brain-storming session you should have three lists. One will show those things you wanted to do soon with a little effort, the next should itemize those goals that you know you can achieve if you pushed yourself and the last are those dreams you would love to achieve but are too afraid to attempt - the impossible goals.

Over the next few weeks, months and years keep this list in front of you and work towards the dreams you have written down. Start with those that you have marked 'Easy' and, when you have completed those, move onto the 'Possible' list. Once these goals are exhausted you will be ready to try the impossible.

The point of this exercise is twofold. Firstly there is something significant about writing dreams down, they somehow become more real and achievable. Secondly,your confidence will grow as you tick each goal off the list so that, when you reach the 'Impossible' category, your ultimate dreams will seem a lot less daunting.

It is important not to limit your imagination, to restrict the possible. You should aim high but work towards those ultimate goals a stage at a time. It does take work and it does take a lot of discomfort but the rewards are truly worth it. On the other hand, if you dream (and we all do) but stay comfortable and not exert yourself, you risk being disappointed with what life has to offer you.

Consider the advances we have made. Only one hundred years ago the idea of a man walking on the moon seemed fanciful. Flying between continents on a regular basis hardly seemed possible and, if you had told someone just fifty years ago that you could talk to someone the other side of the world instantaneously and see their face too, you would have been laughed at. Have a telephone the size of a cigarette packet in your pocket that you could use to ring anyone in the world? Forget it.

The truth is what seemed impossible years ago is accepted as everyday life now. And yet a few visionaries have made the impossible reality. Are you a visionary or will you accept your dreams as impossible?

Yes, Thomas Edison was quite right when he said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. It will always take work to achieve a dream. The good things in life usually take effort and discipline but, unless you want to work for no purpose (and many people work just to be busy), you need to aim for something worthwhile. Make that something an exciting and worthwhile dream.

If you have ever started a physical exercise programme it is likely you will have heard the expression 'No pain, no gain.' This is very true not only in the gym but also when chasing a dream you may otherwise consider impossible.

Too many people who, hearing what you want in life will say, 'Dream on. You will never get that. It's impossible.' Don't listen to them. Yes, do dream on. Dream of the life you want, be prepared to work for it a stage at a time and you may find the impossible will become possible.

Keith Braithwaite is a generally nosey and opinionated guy but his heart is in the right place. After nearly thirty years in the corporate world and twenty keenly observing direct selling, he is now following his interests in self-development, internet marketing and historical studies.

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