Motivating the Passive Sales Candidate

Motivating the Passive Sales Candidate

I was never very good in science class which is probably why I'm not a doctor today. Yet, I remember vividly the exercise on heated atoms. The experiment started with a flask of water and a Bunsen burner. When the flame from the Bunsen burner was applied to the flask, the atoms would dart all over the place in excitement. The excitement was uncontrollable. The energy remained as long as the heat was applied. As soon as the Bunsen burner was removed, the atoms moved back to a static state. All movement stopped.

What does science class have to do with recruiting sales people? This science experiment teaches a lot about recruiting passive (those not presently looking for a job) sales candidates. All companies want to recruit the top talent sales people from other companies. However, that talent is usually locked-in pretty tight. The top sales people are the top earners of the company so they probably aren't looking to leave. What would get them to leave? How do you find these candidates? What would energize passive sales candidates to be excited about another opportunity?

Years ago, my father used to take me deep-sea fishing off the Jersey shore. When we went fluke fishing, we used one kind of bait. When we went blue fishing, we used a different kind of bait. Thus, you need the right bait to attract a particular type of fish. You certainly won't catch a shark using a worm for bait.

Once the baited hook was in the water, the fish didn't usually grab it in a way that allows you to reel them in right away. There was a dance. You had to make sure the fish had eaten all of the bait and was firmly on the hook. Professional fishermen talk about all of the different techniques involved with playing this game well. On any Sunday morning, you can find television shows on ESPN that walk you through the steps on how to select bait and tackle as well as techniques to bring the fish into the boat.

So, what is the right bait when looking to catch passive sales candidates? How do you motivate them into action? There are two fundamental motivators of sales people: fear and greed. It's very simple, just those two. Thus, the two types of bait for recruiting passive sales candidates are fear and greed. Sales managers use techniques to direct their sales team based on those two motivators every day. Guess what happens when a "greed" technique is used on a sales person motivated by fear? Nothing! Thus, it is critical for the sales manager to figure out the right motivator for each of his team members.

The wrong bait is also an issue for sales recruiting. Many recruiters rely strictly on the "greed" motivator. "Come to our company and you can make oodles of money." That will work with some sales candidates, but certainly not all. As sales managers have come to recognize, there is an equally-sized population motivated by fear. I might argue that the "fear" population is larger than the greed one. For those folks, the "greed" factor does not motivate them into action. Some of you may be thinking that some sales people are motivated by both which is true. However, one of those two is more dominant. One of those two drives them into action.

As you can imagine, I talk to sales people all the time. Most have a lament about the goings-on in their company. So, I ask them if they are looking for another job and they say no. Then, an event occurs. Something that gets their attention and they call me and say that today they have decided to make a change. Wondering what that "thing" is? Well, it is different for every sales person. However, that "one thing" falls into the category of either fear or greed.

How do you motivate a passive sales candidate into action based on fear? You need to do your homework to effectively use fear as a motivator. The media provides most of the tools you need to do this well. Here are some examples of the fears sales people have:

Leadership change. As a whole, sales people don't like change. They like their territory and compensation to remain static unless they are getting more. When there is a change in leadership at the top, they get very uneasy about what happens next. Will the territory change? Perhaps, the compensation plan will change?

Thus, top sales people could be open to listening to you about a new opportunity. How do you know when there is a leadership change? The Business Journal of that city announces promotions/new hires at the management level of companies. A weekly read of this tool gives you new ponds for your fishing expedition. You also may learn that information from an active candidate who cites that as a reason for looking for another job.

Company acquisition rumors. For the larger companies, the financial news (print, online, television) broadcasts rumors like this. Whether the company is going to be acquired or is the "acquiree," there is uncertainty in the sales team. Sales people don't like uncertainty. Post acquisition, there will be changes to the sales team, but who will still have a job and who won't?

Just like kids the week before Christmas wondering what is in the wrapped box under the tree, sales people wonder what their "gift" will be. For some, the uncertainty of the future is just enough to lead them to be receptive to a job exploration.

Company financial woes. Again, this information is shared in the financial news media. It is also in the local Business Journal. Sales people panic when they hear this kind of news. For one, they wonder if their company will survive. However, they also connect a few other dots. "If the company isn't doing well, I bet they lower the commission rate." Or, "I bet they cut the size of the sales team. Even if I survive the cut, I'll have to do twice the work for the same pay."

Compensation change. How can you possibly know when there is a compensation plan change in another company? This information is certainly not shared in the media. When "active" candidates are asked why they are looking at other opportunities, they usually cite compensation plan changes as one of those reasons. Hearing that should trigger a campaign to find the top performers of that company so you can apply your Bunsen burner.

To motivate passive sales people into action, you need the right bait. With research and technique, you can apply the heat that sends these candidates into a frenzy.

How to Write Your Book to Be a Super Seller

How to Write Your Book to Be a Super Seller

You don't have to become a hermit to write a super selling book anymore. Simply write the solution. It's a known fact solution oriented books sell well; even better than other non-fiction books.

Here are a few tips to help you write your book to sell well before you even publish it. Give your book manuscript the test of solutions. Ask yourself the question, 'What problems does my book solve? To achieve maximum sales in the marketplace, write your book to offer solutions for two to three problems in your field:

1. Write to inspire people to do something good. Weave inspiring stories into your book and sell more. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership spent 18 straight months on the Business Week Business Best Seller List. Dr. Maxwell started each chapter with a short story of a famous person successfully using the chapter's law of leadership.

2. Write to entertain, make your book readers laugh or just have fun. Do you have a talent to make people laugh? Use it in your book. Provide a little oasis of escape for your readers. People love it when you entertain them. Intertwine funny stories into your non-fiction manuscript. Entertain them, make them laugh; they'll love you for it. Best of all, they will have fun telling all their friends about your funny book.

3. Write to motivate your audience with your success experiences to do more, give more or share more. Share your experiences to motivate your audience. Share how you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in your field. It will motivate your audience to think if you did it; they can do it too.

4. Write to offer original, different information. Have you wondered what makes a new diet book sell well even when there are scores of diet books on the market? The author presents their unique set of successful diet rules, their exercise program, their perspective, their testimonials and their credentials. They use original, different information for the same results.

5. Write to give a greater understanding of life. Have you been gifted with a deep understanding of life? Put small excerpts of your understanding throughout your book. Sprinkle your quotes along with other famous philosophers or world thinkers within your book.

6. Write to directly solve your potential reader's problems. Get this right and you could have a super seller on your hands before you know it. Do you know the solution to a vexing problem? Write the solution in your book. You might be surprised at who's searching online for a little relief.

7. Write in an easy to read style to help your book readers learn about something. Take a complex subject in your field and make it simple. Most people enjoy an easy reading language. They will reward you by reading your book to the end then telling all their friends to get it.

8. Write to offer your specific skills and information within the solution. Thousands of people search for specific information daily. They want easy to understand information. Educate your audience; include engagement tools in your book. Help them make more money, cut costs and solve their problems. Examples include: online assessments, how to tips, short reports, resource lists, how-to tutorials, dictionary of terms in your field, etc.

9. Write to extend your expert advice to a specific group of people. Target a group of people looking for answers within your broad market. For example, the Chicken Soup series for Teen-Agers, Mothers, even Prisoners sold much better that the original more general Chicken Soup for the Soul.

10. Write to give your readers an opportunity to learn something new or interesting. Sprinkle your book with little known interesting facts about your topic. Be careful to avoid information overload with pages of detailed statistics. But if you sprinkle them as morsels throughout your book, you create anticipation that will lead your readers through to the end. People love statistics and bite-sized trivia about just about any topic.

Are you ready to start writing your super seller book yet? Did your book idea pass the test of solutions by solving problems in at least two areas? Great! Now that you know how to make your book a super seller, go ahead take the plunge.

Don't hesitate any longer. Start today. Your audience is waiting for your solution-oriented ideas and viewpoint. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

The Top Five Self Motivation Tips

The Top Five Self Motivation Tips

Self motivation is so crucial for success. You can have all the goals and imagination you want, but without the drive or ambition to take action to achieve those goals you will end up like a lot of people; sitting on the couch filling the void by eating and drinking.

Self Motivation Tip Number One: Involve Others

This self motivation tip deals with pride and making yourself accountable. If you don't have enough motivation to get yourself going everyday tell your co-workers, friends, and family about the tasks that you are setting out to do. Tell them your time frame for achieving those goals. This will make you accountable. Sometimes the sheer will of not failing in front of others is the push you need.

Motivation Tip Number Two: Strive on Time Limits

Procrastination is a huge motivation killer. Put time limits on the project you are doing. Always be very specific with your time limits.

The feeling that there is a time crunch will motivate you to get your project done. Use this self motivation tip on anything you need to get done, whether it is a small or large project. Be careful though and make your time frame realistic, it is not healthy to create unnecessary stress from a goal you set for yourself.

For example, if you need to clean the house, give yourself a reason why it has to be done at a certain time, like: "I have to clean the house before the kids get home from school because it is good for them to have a clean home." Then start as soon as possible, don't wait until 30 minutes before they get home to start, that will create stress and anxiety.

Self Motivating Tip Number Three: Treat Yourself

Just like Pavlov's dog, you need to be rewarded when you finish a goal so that you get satisfaction from it and so you have something to look forward to as a reward for finishing. This self motivation tip is pretty easy.

Just don't wallow in your own pride forever. Always set new goals when one is accomplished. Successful people are always looking for new ways to improve themselves and their lives.

Motivating Tip Number Four: Create a Positive Mindset

Of all the tips this is probably the most important. It's hard to stay motivated when you are giving yourself a hard time. Try to stay positive, even when you really don't want to finish the task or things aren't working out as planned.

For example, instead of thinking of all the reasons why you don't want to exercise think of how great you will feel and how good you will continue to look if you stick to your workout routine. Associate positive feelings with exercising and negative ones to not exercising.

Tip Number Five: Give Yourself a Break And Stay Healthy

You may have problems implementing the other four self motivation tips if you are just trying to hoist too many goals and objectives upon yourself. Your lack of motivation may be due to burnout. If this is the case, then just take a break. You probably deserve it.

Learn to relax and be able to take your mind off of your goal for a while to refresh your mind and body. Work on staying healthy and fit. You will have a hard time thinking of and achieving noteworthy goals if your mind and body aren't healthy. I am not saying you have to push around weights all day, but do the proper amount of exercise that is right for you to feel healthy, fit, and full of vitality.

Also follow a healthy diet to ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs. You will be surprised at how much your diet and exercise play a role in your overall motivation.

What Motivates You

What Motivates You?

What Motivates you? What makes you tick, what makes you work, this, motivations, aside from food are the main fuel of the human body to accomplish what should be accomplished

Before you ask the question of what motivates you, first you should ask yourself, ìWhy do you want motivation in the first place?î Is it to be successful, to be satisfied, to be happy? How much do you think youíll improve when you do get motivated?

Motivation is simply a state of mind, as said earlier, something that keeps you going, your children, yourself, the people around you, the world, whatever keeps you motivated it keeps you on the go.

If however, you are looking for something to motivate you, take note of the second paragraph, what do you want motivation for?

For effective self motivation most experts dish out these three tips.

One: You should know what you want to achieve, take note of your goals and believe that you can achieve them

Two: You should be able to imagine and foresee what it is like to finally achieve your goal. The Happy feeling, the euphoria or the sense of satisfaction that would be present when you do get it

Three: there should be no negative aftereffects when you achieve your goal. No lurking Devilís deals, no adverse effects.
As said earlier, motivation is a state of mind, learning to use your imagination can be a stepping stone towards sure motivation. As you foresee your goals and the consequences they bring, the drive to achieve them become stronger.
Positive Thinking

Motivation can be found in the most unusual places. Some people fall and breakdown during trying times, while some fid energy in all the trying places, in the most adverse environment, heroes, geniuses and inventors are born.

Ever heard of the saying, ìTragedy brings out the best and the worst in peoleî? Those people who show their best are those who are on the positive side of motivation, what motivates them is the will to survive to pass the dark and enter the light.

Instead of dwelling on the banes of life, these people put it to their advantage, take it as a challenge. That is true motivation, not just simple drive, but also positive thinking.

You Get What You Give

Most of the times that people feel down or blue is when they see that the people around them are sad as well. Ever experieced being soo happy and when you suddenly call up a friend to tell them how happy you are they ruin your day because theyíre all grumpy? This is exactly how motivation works.

So instead of being grumpy, help others, be the motivator, and once they get out of the slump, you can help each otehr.

Never get dragged dow by other people, instead pull them up, and when they can stand on their own you can join forces to build steppings stones for your ascent.

Mind set and Will power Beats Everything

If you prioritize pessimism and frustration, thatís what you get. As said in the previous paragraphs, nothing good ever comes out of something negative. Therefore, you should have a powerful mind to resist all the rocks that the world is throwing at you. Turn those rocks into building blocks that will help you build up your success.

Having a rock solid will power as well as a focused mind can help to motivate event he most depressed of people. Even the lazy guy from across the street would run faster than a car if you convince him that you have him at gun point.

The world keeps on turning with or without you, and whether you like it or not, life goes on, its only up to you whether you want to be the loser and go with the flow, or be the radical and be successful.

So now its time to ask that question again, what motivates you? Still thinking? Well, the only thing that should is optimism, the belief that good can come out of anything, the kind of positive thinking that could break even the most negative people. This is what has made those that came before you successful; this is the only ingredient in the recipe of success.

How to Inspire the World by Motivating People

How to Inspire the World by Motivating People!

Receiving order is far less motivating than taking part in planning and decision-making. Hence, it is important for a person, who is in-charge of some organization or a company to know how to inspire their work group or their staffing order to motivate them to work on their best.

It is important to enable your group or your staff to achieve their ambitions and to manage themselves in order to achieve the desired results.

When inspiring or motivating somebody, it is important to inform people about strategic plans and their own part in achieving the strategies. Take trouble to improve the understanding with your colleague and win their approval, as this will have a highly influence on their performance.

It is best to motivate a person by enabling them to feel good about the group or organization that they belong to and its administration.

Moreover, as a person who is in the authority to influence and inspire other people, you are likely to be a role model, the person who sets the tone of the unit. You must also create the right atmosphere for successful teamwork and use example purposefully to teach and encourage good preparation.

Inspiring People

According to research, there are ten personal qualities that are the most admired characteristics of respected organizational leaders. These qualities are less to do with making the right or wrong decisions and more to do with integrity and straightforward behavior.

Here is a list of the desirable qualities that a person must possess in order to inspire the people around them.

1. Competence

It is important for any person to be endowed with the proper and necessary trainings in order to develop the needed skills to be competent in the industry.

A person who knows many things and is capable of doing many things is admired by most organizations and companies in the world. This is because people who are competent will be able to perform properly and effectively the task given to them.

2. Supportiveness

For people who know how to extend support to those who truly needs one is admirable enough to encourage others to do the same.

The value of supportiveness motivates people to work on things on the best of their ability and the confidence that there will be people who are more than willing to guide them through in case things get out of hand.

3. Charisma

Not all people have this quality. However, for those who have this personality, it is best to use it in such a way that would motivate people to work hard and to go on with their lives.

It is that kind of motivation that some people need in order to survive in life. Therefore, if you have a charismatic personality, it is best to inspire more people and let them see how beautiful life can be.

4. Fair-mindedness

In a world that is so full of inequities and inequalities, sometimes it is just so hard to be very fair. Nevertheless, the absence of bias and prejudice is such an admirable trait in a person.

Hence, it is important for somebody to maintain the quality of being fair-minded in order to motivate people to do the same thing. In the end, if people are more fair with regards to whatever concepts and ideas there are in life, life can be quite good.

5. Honesty

With the hardships and difficulties of times, sometimes people have the tendency to neglect the value of honesty. That is why it is so admirable to know a person who remains to be an honest person despite of many things that entice him or her to do bad or to give in to temptation.

Especially in the world where life is a constant struggle to survival and everything seems to be a game, an honest person will truly inspire the world.

6. Intelligence

It takes great knowledge, wisdom, and skill to be an intelligent person. Hence, people admire those who are intelligent enough to prove to the world that they can do whatever they think will do them good and to be intellectually capable of staying upright as a rational being.

7. Courage

Not all people have the courage to take risk when needed. Hence, for people who are brave enough to overcome risks and all odds at all costs, they are most likely the people who will succeed in life.

8. Broad-mindedness

There are people who have such a prejudiced thinking. In the end, they have the tendency to cast doubts on people and the propensity to be pessimistic.

But for people who are broad-minded, things will appear brighter and clearer. Hence, they see things in a more positive way.

9. Directness

People who have directions and goals in life are the ones who will most likely to succeed. Hence, being direct and sincere are the qualities that people admire.

10. Vision

It is admirable for a person who knows how to see things in a positive way, knows what is good, and is able to foresee the goodness in everything.

This show how a person can be optimistic by seeing through the future, hence, giving him or her the chance to develop a scheme that would be beneficial to the organization.

Acquiring all these skills, an individual can drive motivation to other people who need a little push and inspiration.

How To Motivate People

How To Motivate People

You spend all of your life motivating people, getting them to do things for you. As an infant, your life depends upon getting others to care for you. As an adult, your success largely stems from your ability to get others to do things.

It seems you're always faced with motivating someone to do something. You want your children to get better grades, salespeople to work harder, customers to buy, boss to advance you, your spouse to treat you better or others in the department to take a deeper interest in their work.

There is a rule that you can follow that will enable you to achieve those objectives. In other words, be a good motivator. You have heard this rule before, "To the extent that you give others what they want, will they give you what you want."

The secret of this rule is that you must give others what they want first. Then they will give you what you want. Most people do not discover this. That is why motivation of employees is said to be the number one business problem of America today.

Most people try to employ the rule in an opposite way. The employer says, "Let the individual put forth the effort then I'll give the raise. One spouse thinks, I wouldn't be so grumpy around the house if my mate would show a little more love and affection toward me. The sales manager waits until the sales person achieves the high standard performance before recognition is given.

But you see, that's applying the rule backwards. That is like saying, "I'm going to wait for you to give me what I want, then maybe I'll give you what you want. You must give others what they want first. This is the key to motivating others.

But what do others want? Is it money or personal benefits that people want most? It is all called psychic satisfaction. People will work harder for psychic income than they will for monetary income! People need more than financial security. They need boss security, leadership security, person to person security.

And people look to you for that psychic security. Unethical conduct, dishonesty, favoritism or undercover deals never motivate anyone to high levels of achievement. People must see that you settle issues and make decisions on the basis of fact and logic rather than emotion. They must know that you like them, respect them, understand them and accept them not only for their strong points, but also for their weaknesses. They want you to be fair. They must see you have integrity and a set of values that they can depend on. Your standards must be ones that stimulate the best in others.

Why? It is believed that as many as ninety percent of the things we do are prompted by a desire to feel important. Unfortunately, most of a person's experience is communicating exactly the opposite message.

Let's take Josh. He feels like a born loser. Here's why... The other kids call Josh peewee, the teachers tell him he's stupid and lazy, his mother nags him about his sloppy appearance, he's told that he sure doesn't have the ambition and spirit kids had when his dad was a boy. He doesn't make the football team, girls don't like him, the customers bawl him out and call him names, everybody else at the office is trying to get ahead of him, nobody thinks he is important, especially Josh, himself.

Now you come along. You want to motivate Josh, so you make him feel ten feet tall and bulletproof. You overlook his crooked nose and big ears. You tell him he has the greatest smile in the world. You become the coach that thinks he could be the star quarterback. You're the one that sees him being the president of the company. You become a lot of people to him - the people he wanted to impress but didn't. You see him as a human being loaded with untapped potential and you go out of the your way to express this attitude.

By your treatment of him, do you think Josh will be motivated to give you what you want, too? Motivating people by noticing the best in them first is extremely powerful, both to the recipient and to you. Apply these principles in all of your relationships, starting right now, and your world is in in for a dramatic positive change!

What is Motivation? - Everything

What is Motivation? - Everything

Do people really think that life is meant to be lived in default? Getting up, going to work because you have to without any real motivation or joy in doing so. Do you want to regret your boring life when you are on your death bed? Or do you want to look back at a life that is so bright and wonderful it is almost blinding to look at?

What is Motivation?

Is motivation the key ingredient to getting what you want in life? In reality, motivation is an inner process that helps you to move toward your goal in definite motion, with purpose and vision. Drive and determination are two qualities necessary to experience real motivation.

Some people allow different things to motivate them. It could be your job, your marriage, your family, your income or your wealth. What is motivation to you? If you can find out what is motivates you, then you can have tap into your true self and hone in on exactly what you need to do to succeed.

Without motivation you will go nowhere in life and end up like most people, running to the movie store to rent enough movies, or to the bar on Friday to help you zone out until Monday. Let me know how many truly successful people you find at a bar?

Some people have learned what motivation is by seeking to improve themselves and creating a vision that is realistic as well as having an inner desire that outweighs the challenges.

Since motivation is a parallel to the word, "move," lack of motivation is when your life is at a standstill. This equates to fear of failure and what keeps most people from doing anything significant in their lives.

You can tell a motivated person when you see one. They have that sparkle in their eye and they are always looking for new challenges and ways to grow. Growth is synonymous to motivation because there isn't really a stopping point of "all right, I have done enough it is time to just sit around and do nothing." Motivation is ongoing as you will find that successful people always have something that motivates them. They know that there motivation is what helps shape the very world that we live in.

Staying motivated is not necessarily easy, however, especially when we face obstacles or uninvited trouble that dampens our spirit. Negative thoughts and anxiety come into play and we can become unmotivated and doubtful about our future.

However, there are some people who have learned how to pick up the pieces and use their challenges as a stepping-stone to move forward. That is what makes these people successful. They view failure as a lesson in life and never see themselves as a victim.

What is Self-Motivation To You?

If you are a person who is disciplined, goal-oriented, and organized, it is quite likely that you have the skills to motivate yourself. It is possible that you have realized what motivation is and have used it to become the person that you are today.

Self-motivated people know that there is no simple solution to becoming motivated after a disappointment, but they also know that if they can beat the odds, then they will be stronger the next time another obstacle comes along.

Self-motivated individuals realize that their thoughts are what control their emotions. Learning how to nurture their thoughts into a positive outcome helps them to pull themselves together and keep focused on their long-term goals instead of the temporary situation that is plaguing them.

Different Ways to Increase Passive Income

Different Ways to Increase Passive Income

Passive income, as opposed to direct income, is the type of income which does not cease when a person stops working. It is the sort of income that many people spend their lives looking for.

People who write best selling books enjoy it in the form of royalties. People who invest in corporations enjoy them in the form of dividends. People who lend money enjoy passive income in the form of interest.

A big question, however, regards the different ways to increase passive income. While many people know that you can increase direct income by increasing your work output, not many people know the ways to actually increase passive income. Here are some of them:

1) Increase sources - This is the most recommended and most obvious way to increase passive income. If an author receives royalties from selling one book, then he or she should write another book in order to receive more royalties.

This way of increasing passive income may seem parallel to the way of increasing direct income sine more work output equals more income. However, you should realize that each work output in this case produces its own set of passive income which will continue long after the work is done.

In the case of investors, he or she should increase or diversify his investments in order to multiply his sources of passive income. People who are into multi-level marketing today actually make use of this way to increase passive income. They recruit more people into their income streams. Because of this, they are actually adding to their sources of passive income. It is this concept that makes many people so eager to join networking companies.

2) Negotiate - Passive income often comes in rates pre-determined by other people. In the case of authors, the publisher often determines how much the author gets in royalties. By negotiating with the people in charge, you might have a chance of increasing your passive income.

The main disadvantage to this way of increasing passive income would be the fact that people need leverage in order to negotiate. A better way would be to switch your current rate of passive income for a higher one. This is often done by investors by buying other classes of stocks in a company.

3) Motivate - This is often done in cases of multi-level marketing companies. People who have their networks and passive income streams often motivate the people in those income streams to work harder. This motivation would, of course increase the productivity of the people who are producing your passive income. You should realize, however, that you also need to motivate yourself to work hard. In order to increase your passive income, you need to motivate yourself to try and find other sources. When you do so, your underlings will gain inspiration and follow your example.

This way to increase passive income is often emphasized in multi level marketing companies. You can observe this in the way they keep holding seminars and workshops. You can observe this in the way they keep handing out motivational materials.

There are other ways to increase passive income. These, however, are the most obvious ones that can be observed today. You should realize that each way to increase passive income needs to be used in certain circumstances. This would ensure their effectiveness.

How to Motivate Your Employees

How to Motivate Your Employees

Motivation is a constant force in the workplace. Managers need to motivate employees in order to accomplish goals in an efficient manner, while team leaders need to keep the staff's enthusiasm high. However, just how do you motivate your employees? Companies are constantly changing, and in today's economy, you have to stay on top of that change. You may find it harder and harder to motivate your employees, but without the motivation, you will see a decrease in productivity as employee dissatisfaction occurs. To prevent this from happening, here are some ideas for motivating your employees.
Show respect
One of the best ways to motivate your employees is to show them respect. Treat others like you would like to be treated. This means saying good morning, please and thank you. It also means avoiding gossip, showing up to meetings on time, and returning calls and emails promptly. The more you can do to show your employees respect, the more they will be motivated to show you the same.
Listen actively
Another way to create motivation in your employees is to actively listen. Too few members of upper management have this skill, leaving employees feeling frustrated and unmotivated. When you are listening, make sure that you are paying attention to what your employs are telling you. Find out what they have done in the past and what they want to do in the future. Listen to their concerns about their jobs and current working situations, and pay attention to their opinions and thoughts on the situation. Not only will you learn valuable information, but you will also find a source of motivation for your employees. When you learn what motivates them, you can use this information to encourage everyone to achieve your goals.
Lead by example
Another way to create motivation in your employees is to lead by example. You cannot show up to work an hour late and ask your employees to arrive early. You cannot do a sloppy job with your work and then hope that your employees do a stellar job on theirs. Remember, you are the head of the job, and your attitude needs to show it.
Another key to the motivation of your employees is to praise them for what they are doing right. Surprisingly, praise is more highly sought after than money among many employees. People like to hear what they are doing right, and they want to know that they are making a real difference to the company - they like to know that they are important. Use meaningful praise frequently to create a powerful motivational tool.
Learn to communicate
A powerful motivator has a clear vision. Therefore, if you want to motivate your employees, you need them to catch on to the same dream that you have. Make sure that you have clear lines of communication so that there is no confusion about what you are working together to achieve.
Give opportunities for success
No one likes to feel left out, especially when it comes to corporate achievement. In order to motivate your employees, you need to put them in the position where they will succeed. Learn what your employees' strengths are and use them. Build on these, while at the same time eliminating weaknesses, so that your employees can have the opportunity to succeed.
Keep your team focused
If you want to motivate your employees, you have to prevent them from focusing on obstacles. The main idea behind this is to keep your eye on the goal that your team has.
Make standards known
Another way to create motivation in your employees is to make sure that they know what is expected of them. Your employees want to know exactly what they should be doing, how their performance will be judged, and how they will be rewarded if they meet a certain goal. Once they understand what you want, then they can work to achieve it. Start with smaller goals, building on new ones as old ones are achieved.
Avoid competition
Having competitions between one employee and another can cause tension in the workplace. Instead, to motivate your employees, have everyone work on one main goal together. This encourages teamwork and allows everyone to celebrate once the goal is reached.
Give public recognition
If you reward your employees publically, you will find that it is a great motivator for other employees. Make sure that everyone knows why the person is receiving the reward, and do not delay giving out a reward any longer than necessary.
Once you learn to motivate your employees, you will be able to boost morale and productivity in the workplace. Use these ideas as a starting place to create motivation in your company now.

Using Your Motivational Skills to Develop a Team

Using Your Motivational Skills to Develop a Team

When you are given a situation that evolves a group of people you will find that not only will you have to learn how to work as a team, but motivate each other to work as a team. There are so many things that you are going to have to do in order to get the group to come together, but all a team needs is some direction and leadership.
One of the best ways that you can motivate a team is by coming to the team and being a great listener and communicator. You will also want tot come to the group with good leadership skills. Leaderships skills is hard to obtain, however, you can always learn how to become a great leader by taking some classes, as well as, seminars. When you come to the group as a leader you will find out that everyone will appreciate the direction and come together.
The other thing that you might want to keep in mind is being able to come to a group with leadership, but not dictatorship. You don't want to seem the boss of the group, however, if you keep the communication channel open, there is no reason why you cannot suggest some ideas of your own.
If you notice that the group has gone off track from a task, you can always bring the group back through various motivational tasks. Some of these things could be like taking a quick break, reviewing the meeting, and even asking the others to come up with a solution to the group.
You will also want to come up with task-orientated activities so that you can always have the group motivated and ready for the tasks at hand. You will also find that if you look up some task orientated activities then you will be able to control the direction of the group and keep the communication open.
The activities that you can do will vary and you can find plenty of ideas online or from higher ranking co-workers. You will find that you can even make up your own activities because it depends on the type of people that you are working with and the type of team that you are apart.
If you really want to motivate someone, you have to find it inside yourself to get the team to reason with you and to get the motivation it takes to stay focus. You will find that if you are good leader you will not have so many issues with team motivation, however you should always be thinking about the communication channels, and how you can communicate better within the team. You will find that communication skills are vital for you to be able to motivate anyone.
It is very important that you learn how to motivate or lead a team, because there are many life lessons in being part of team. You'll learn even more lessons if you are in a group that can function as one. You will find that it is very important as a leader for you to be able to communicate clearly and by being in several teams you'll get the practice and training of how to be a leader. Being a leader is a great honor and you might just want to take it all in with a positive attitude. Remember, when you are a positive leader then you will be a part of a positive team. What you bring in the team is what you have to survive as a team. If you do not give it the time and energy needed to find out how to motivate anyone then the team will fail.

The Path to Motivating Others

The Path to Motivating Others

It is easier to motivate others than it is to motivate yourself. Do you know why? You are able to look at things from a different light. You can step back from a situation and see things for what they really are because you aren't the one wearing the rose colored glasses.

You may not know exactly how you can motivate someone, but you may want to think about the person's feelings before you try to give them a heart-felt push. You do not want to sound nagging when you are only trying to be encouraging. It is easy to give someone your opinion, however, it's not always so easy trying to figure how to say it.

The first tip on how to motivate others is to take out the negative and reinforce a positive note. You do not want to sound like you are tearing into your friend or loved one. You just want to give them some support to go for the things that they enjoy.

If you are dealing with someone who seems to have no direction, you may want to think about asking him or her questions about their future. Support begins with a nice long chat and if you two can understand each other, then you two should be able to have a good solid and strong relationship needed to motivate.

The second tip is to listen. When you are being asked to give your support, you will need to not judge. You will need to give the person some advice, but that does not mean that you have to take what they are saying to extremes. The key is to listen.

If you strongly disagree with the person, you should ask them to see your point of you and then make your points about your view, but not the way that it should be. When you stop giving orders and start talking about the way things make you feel, then you both will begin to have a healthy relationship and motivation will only come from a healthy relationship.

Sometimes you are going to be asked to give your support or blessing and you are just going to have to give it regardless of rather you like it or not. If you are giving your support to a friend or family member you may want to think about what your words may do to your relationship. Motivation could be something that makes or breaks a friendship or relationship. You may end up losing the person's respect if you continue to try to control instead of helping out.

Lastly, you are going to have to think about the reason why you want to motivate the person. Most of the time it is because you truly care about them and you don't want to see them go to a place that is unhealthy. You may be trying to give your support in orders of controlling, of saving, or of love.

The last think that you can ever do is try to motivate someone in the name of control. You may just need someone to talk to about it because no one can control anyone. You have to give someone room to choose, however, if they are being destructive, you may feel the need to control to save them. This is when you take professional advice and support them to seek new ideas.

You will want to make sure that whatever reason you are supporting someone is out of love. You not only need to motivate the person, but you have to care about the person for them to turn their life around or reach their goals.

Motivating Employees Improves Their Production

Motivating Employees Improves Their Production

There are so many ways that you can motivate a person, however, you have to think about the person and their personality before you try to motivate employees. It's a good thing that you want to motivate your workers because you will eventually improve your production and then profit. There is a lot to gain with motivated employees, however, you need to know how to get them motivated.

When it comes to motivation you need to be positive about your comments towards the employees. Everyone is different and needs to be treated differently. There are a few ways that you can motivate your employees. The first way is their compliments and suggestions. This is where you give them encouragement by complimenting their productivity and then you suggest for them to set a new goal or support them to continue to reach their goals. This is the way that you need to treat sensitive workers.

You are able to motivate them because they need just a little boast to their self esteem to be a little bit better. The second way is to give solid criticism. There are some people who are perfectionists and when you give them constructive criticism, you are able to motivate them to perform better. What you are doing is challenging them to reach for a higher level of performance or goal setting. The third way to motivate a worker is by force or power. This is not suggested, but if nothing else happens, they will start to work harder if they know that they are being monitored. If they know that they are on the list of people who could potentially be fired, they will work harder than ever.

One of the most important tools that you will need to motivate your workers is encouraging words. You will need to show your workers that you care about their own goals as well as the company's goals. You need to be able to show your workers that you truly care about their progress. Then you should think about the force. Don't allow yourself to be a bully. If you really want to get your workers to become better, you will want to give encouragement and understanding.

If you find that you are losing your patients with a worker, you may want to set down and talk to that worker. Through the talking, you will find motivation for the both of you. You will be able to find something that will push the worker to their potential and you will also get a better understanding of how to approach the worker in the future. Motivation is something that comes from everywhere. It comes from management, it comes from peers, and it comes from inside.

Many employers make the wrong decision to give things to the workers to motivate them. Giving gifts are rewards to the employees are just nice every now and then. It is appreciated by employees if you give them a gift every now and then.

If you notice that your workers aren't giving you what you need, then you may want to challenge them by offering a reward. You will also want to use this tactic when you reach a stalemate. When you have tried everything else, rewards will work out. This can be a small raise, a day off paid, an extra vacation day, and so on. Just give them something small that will boast their moral so that they can give it their all.

This is a way to get the motivation started in your workplace, however, with a few kind words, and some support and understanding, you can have outstanding employees.

How to Motivate Different Types of Salespeople

How to Motivate Different Types of Salespeople

Every person in a sales team is different and therefore has
individual requirements. The different way they work and overcome
challenges can be very different. Research has identified a number of
the most popular personality types found in sales teams. You can enhance
your motivational skills by allocating them depending on their
personality type. Management courses therefore cover motivation as a
core subject area. By successfully classifying each member of the team,
it is much easier to match the right person to the right set of
customers. Maximize sales and classify!

The Practician

Likes sensibly standardized procedures and practical details.
Products and services that he puts together and sells will certainly be
useful to the purchaser.

Give him the means to organize his work optimally. Tell him exactly
what his sales figures, contribution to business and targets are. Do not
mess up his workflow.

The Introverted Sales person

He works assiduously, without causing any sensation and without
needing constant communication with new people. Instead, he acquires
product knowledge down to the last detail.

Try to avoid letting him get involved in problems. Instead provide
the tasks that he can use his personal strengths: excellent knowledge,
autonomy, and the ability to focus on a task. Whilst he requires praise,
this can be done in private. This person likes to know the detailed
background to projects that he takes on and respects this information
being delivered to him by his boss.

The Extrovert Salespeople

He has a lot of varied interests. His communication with those around
him is very lively and energetic. However this person gets bored with
long and detailed projects and like to be involved in numerous tasks and
activities all at once. He is not known for good detailed knowledge.

Avoid him with projects that are going to take a long time to
complete. Alternatively provide shorter and medium term activities where
he will be dealing with clients face to face are far better for these

Express your appreciation or positive customer feedback to him in front of his colleagues sometimes as this is important to him.

Intuitive Salesperson

He is similar to the Extrovert. He likes change and the grand
gesture, not detail. He has a thirst for action, but cannot accept
standardized activities in sales. Make use of his creativity when
developing new sales strategies. Assign him to intellectually demanding
projects. Allow him to experiment and to see across the demarcation

Emotional Salesperson

He values a good working atmosphere and harmony in the team. He wants
to be useful to other people and has a pronounced sense of justice.
This person is ideally suited to a position in customer service or after
sales support. He is very good at managing customers that demand high
levels of personal contact and service.

Show him your esteem and support his work. When holding sales
competitions, give preference to team oriented models which do not
strain the atmosphere in his group.

The Rationalist The Thinker His decisions are based on pure facts, not on moods or feelings.

Like the Practician, he needs honest feedback about his level of
performance. He would like recognition to be according to objective,
intelligible criteria. Goals and objectives set for this type can be
challenging but must be attainable. This is an area that managers are
particularly interested in when attending management courses.

The Bureaucratic type of Salesperson

He gathers all the relevant facts together and pronounces his
judgment - black or white. Inflexibility is a virtue to him, he calls it
loyalty to one's principles.

He likes a manageable, well-ordered working environment. Keep
uncertainty, changes and unresolved problems away from him. He is
renowned for his 100% appropriate, flawless offers when requirements are
specified precisely.

Spontaneous type of Salesperson

He is spontaneous, flexible and has a healthy, realistic outlook. If
necessary, he will willingly also concern himself with details. Official
routine is a dead end for him.

Break up his routine with special tasks or extra duty assignments.
Remain accessible to him and distance him from official routine. Do not
impose any self-organization methods on him, they would just slow him

Average Salespeople

He is not conspicuous and only displays ambition to a limited extent.
The status quo is the working norm for him. He earns rewards
principally because of his length of service with the company.

Make the working environment enjoyable and encourage a competitive spirit with the sales team.

The average salesperson is the ideal candidate for sales territories with constant targets, which seldom encounter any problems.

People respond much better in an environment that suits their working
style. Therefore by identifying the personality type, and meeting their
working requirements, you can maximize business performance through
high levels of sales team motivation. Motivation skills can also be
further developed by receiving training on management courses.

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