Inspiration - Finding Your True Source

Inspiration - Finding Your True Source

When you feel inspired wonderful things happen. You have creative thoughts and activities, have more energy, feel happier, get things done, enjoy life more, and feel at ease. True inspiration comes from deep inside of you and it has no limits. So, is there a step by step process to take us from frustration or desperation into inspiration?

You may want to start by choosing to think about all the many things you have to be grateful for. Most people already have things like eyes to see, friends and family that love you – and by remembering how much more challenging life would be without them you can feel tremendous gratitude right now.

Notice, that to identify those things you are asking questions like, "What do I have to be grateful for" and, "What else do I have to be grateful about".

Asking ourselves well designed questions is an extremely powerful tool and can be used to remember or identify the things that inspire you. These questions that lead to inspiration might be about your family, friends, a pet, your business, or where you live in this wonderful world. It might be a great book or piece of music that makes you feel strong and powerful or the beauty of nature which is everywhere around you.

This is a personal thing, and what inspires one person may not work for another. The answers can not be found anywhere outside of your self.

Sometimes doing something small can shift your mind toward thoughts of inspiration or in the opposite direction. You may want to avoid reading uninspiring news or watching negative TV programs. Change the channel to something that is positive in its message.

Dreaming Big Dreams can absolutely keep you inspired. Write down specific things that you want or want to accomplish. Don’t worry about how your dreams will develop just keep a clear picture and feeling of what it would feel like to have those things. Your dreams and goals will come into reality when you keep your mind locked into those desires and take action.

Sometimes when we feel the most overworked, stressed, or frustrated is when we become inspired to do whatever it takes to make positive changes in our lives. A higher level of inspiration comes from rising above ones current circumstances and viewing a bigger picture such as financial independence for your family. This bigger picture normally helps people move from reacting to distractions into developing a strategy that guides their day to day inspired actions.

We can choose to be inspired by other successful and inspirational people. read their books, listen to their CDs, and attend seminars. I have learned much from Ellie Drake, including how to tap into the inspiration that comes from our hearts. Listening to Ellie's CD’s and attending her events has inspired me to believe I can accomplish things that I have never thought I could do.

Socialize with inspired people or call someone who is enthusiastic and inspires your spirit.

"Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or perhaps of sub consciousness -- I wouldn't know. But I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness." Aaron Copland

Being inspired is about changing awareness of yourself as being limited, having no luck, things never working out, etc. into realizing that you are unlimited and have the potential to create whatever you truly desire.

When you are inspired, you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever imagined

In my business I have enthusiasm that what I offer can improve the lives of others. Because of this enthusiasm I am inspired to explore things that have not been my strengths in the past so I can get closer to my desired outcome. Please take a look at my other articles at my BraveHeart women site.