Motivation-The 3 Aspects of Human Behavior You Must Know to Succeed

Motivation-The 3 Aspects of Human Behavior You Must Know to Succeed

Motivation can be defined in numerous ways, but there are two basic definitions or descriptions. It can be defined as the main reason or reasons that individuals partake in a certain behavior, specifically human behavior pursuant to the study of psychology or neuropsychology. It can also be defined as the driving force that initiates and drives an individual’s behavior. It is the internal energy that propels us to achieve our goals. Typically, it is considered to be a dynamic state of mind not concerned with personality. There are three aspects of human behavior that motivation is based and founded in: 1. arousal of behavior 2. direction of behavior 3. persistence of behavior Arousal of behavior relates to a specific thing that activates behavior whereas direction of behavior relates to what is responsible for directing the behavior. Persistence of behavior relates to how the behavior is sustained. What drives an individual to be successful is referred to as motive. Usually, all motives fall into one of three categories and are considered to be physiological or psychological in nature: 1. homeostatic motives – hunger, respiration, thirst, etc. 2. nonhomeostatic motives – curiosity about the environment, seeking shelter, etc. 3. learned or social motives – achievement, approval, power, social affiliation, etc In any endeavor that an individual undertakes, motivation (or the lack thereof) is the key element behind the success or failure of the endeavor. It plays a key role in the workplace where the effective performance of an employee is concerned. Management or supervisory personnel have a direct impact and play a significant role in employee motivation in that they employ different motivational techniques to raise productivity levels. It also follows that this has a direct effect on the cooperation levels between the employer and the employee. Motivation can also be classified as 1. negative or positive 2. obvious or subtle 3. intangible or tangible Education or learning is also interrelated with motivation and instructors will oftentimes employ motivational techniques to get their students to learn. It can benefit the student by making them more competent as well as encouraging confidence and the ability to solve problems. Self-motivation has also been classified into two different types: 1. Extrinsic – generated by external factors 2. Intrinsic – generated by internal sensations and is longer-lasting than extrinsic

Self-motivation is considered to be intrinsic in nature, and originates from an individual’s internal drives. It is the basis for overcoming obstacles in the path of achieving one’s goals. Additionally, certain external factors are responsible for driving a person into undertaking a new project or to move in a positive direction. Characteristically, self-motivation is comprised of three factors: 1. beliefs 2. desires 3. values Since an individual cannot rely on others for motivation, self-motivation has to come from within. It plays a key role wherein the individual gathers the courage and strength to achieve certain goals, and is essential for developing new undertakings or making a positive change in one’s lifestyle. Training programs have been proven to be the best way to educate oneself in order to improve motivation and self-motivation.

Self Motivation Techniques For You

Self Motivation Techniques For You

Most people live their life in an automatic way, they just do what they think they have to do either if they love it or hate it, the problem is that if we dont have a clear purpose in life and clear goals to achieve our life becomes a routine and we therefore lack of motivation.

Motivation needs to have 3 vital principles attitude, a strategy and drive, a person that have those 3 things have unstoppable motivation and can overcome any obstacles because he is confident of himself. But most people dont know how to motivate themselves or what are some effective self motivation techniques.

First you need to have goals, if you dont have clear goals you are just moving without purpose on every direction. Once you have difined your goals to motivate your self you need to have the 3 priciples.

The easiest way to be motivated is to love what you do, you need to have a real interest in whatever you are doing and a real purpose to achieve your goal. If you love what you do you will have a positive attitude.

Then you need a strategy, is great to like what you do, but if you dont have a plan and strategy to follow you are going to lose focus on your objective and get unmotivated. Define the strategy that you are going to follow in order to achieve your goal.

And then you need to have drive, in order to have drive you need to love what you do and be passionate about achieving your goal, if you want to know what drive feels like, do a visualization exercise. Think of how it will feel to reach your goal, feel the excitement and happiness, that is a simple way of doing visualization.

Now let me tell you a few simple techniques to motivate your self with incentives:

The night before the next day write down the tasks that you need to do and prioritize them. Then begin your day doing the most important tasks and do the less important tasks after those.

Reward your self each time you achieve a deadline or you reach a new goal or record. You should keep track of your progress every week so you can know for sure how much closer you are to your goal and where you need to improve.

Make a challenge with a friend or have common goals, if you can find a friend to achieve the same goal as you, it will be very fun and motivating for each of you see their progress.

Those are some simple self motivation techniques that you can start applying today also social motivation is very effective, tell your family and friends what are your goals and let them know your progress.

How to Get Motivated and Start Living

How to Get Motivated and Start Living
By Jacky Tustain

Feeling Overwhelmed?

One of the key reasons motivation can dry up is the sheer amount of work you may have to do. Juggling work and home, children and your relationship as well as trying to find time for yourself can leave you feeling either in a whirl or exhausted.

This can lead to poor sleep, further tiredness and an increasing loss of motivation. "Where should I start?" is often the question you will find yourself asking in this situation.

The first thing you need to do is accept that you will need to take a long hard look at your life. Are you using your time wisely and efficiently? Are you doing things that you could delegate to others? Are you doing things that you should drop? Have you started projects that you will never finish?

Goals and Priorities

It is important that you decide what your goals and priorities are first. Consider the analogy of clearing out a cupboard. The first thing you decide on before filling it is what is the cupboard for? What is its purpose? This cupboard is like your life. What are you trying to achieve? What do you want to fill your life with? These are your goals and priorities.

Once you have decided this you then need to examine everything that was in the cupboard, which relate to the things you spend your time doing, and choose between 3 options:

1. Keep
2. Give away
3. Bin it

What you keep in your life are the important things to you and what you value most. Things given away are delegated tasks to others and the binned ones are those things that you really don't want to do any more and have no need to continue.


If you clear out the unnecessary and unwanted tasks from your life you should feel a lot lighter. Clarifying what you want out of life and what is most important to you will help you to see what you need to focus on.

But what about the things you have to do that you don't want to? What about the things you keep putting off?

Procrastination is a classic sign of poor motivation and can waste a lot of time. Think about something you constantly procrastinate about - phone calls, making appointments, filing paperwork.

All of these things drain you of energy and motivation as you 'handle' them each time you think about them, see them or physically handle them. This all adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed or too busy. Instead think about organising similar tasks together and tackling them quickly or as soon as possible. You know that you are going to have to do these things anyway so why have them hanging over you? Not only will you feel better but you will have more energy to focus on your real goals and priorities in life.

Jacky Tustain is a Life Coach based in the UK, specialising in helping people turn their life around through raising confidence, motivation and self esteem. For Life Coaching information check out her BeCanDo website or for motivation training her Get Motivated ecourse.

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9 Motivation Secrets That Make Dreams Come True

9 Motivation Secrets That Make Dreams Come True
By Peter Murphy Platinum Quality Author

Dreams do come true as long as we can stay motivated in the face of setbacks. That´s where most of us get discouraged.

So often, reality doesn't measure up to expectations. We can have all these grand plans, whether it is buying a house, making improvements to your kitchen, or write that novel we've always dreamed of.

When trying to get yourself psyched for a task, follow a few simple steps, and you'll see yourself putting forth some real effort.

1. Know your limitations

Don't set yourself up to fail by setting yourself a task that you can't possible do.

If you know nothing about concrete, don't try to build a patio for your house by yourself. If you know nothing about Scottish history, don't think that you can write a book about William Wallace.

2. Planning and preparation

Once you've settled on what it is you're going to do, whether it's painting your daughter's room or writing a
book, plan things out, and prepare.

What are the things you need to do to complete the task, what materials do you need? In the case of the patio example, do you need a building permit? Contact the local building department and find out.

This all feeds into the next point.

3. Research

If you're planning to tackle a substantial task, find out what you need to do it. If you're planning to shoot a movie underwater, check out the cameras needed, the safety equipment and whether or not you'll need to be proficient at scuba diving. If so, and you're not, sign up for a class.

4. Timeframe

Any job worth doing is going to take time. You can't expect to write a novel or build an addition to your house in one day.

This goes hand-in-hand with point 1.

You have to allocate enough time to reasonably complete the task. Yet, you must also set yourself a time limit. Giving yourself too much time can lead to stagnation as you keep putting off to tomorrow what you should be doing today.

5. Enjoyment

It's said that when we're happy, time flies. So, selecting a task that gives you joy is a perfect method for insuring that you give it your all. That can be difficult when faced with something mundane like mowing the lawn. Well, that's where point 6 comes into play.

7. Distraction

If the job you have to perform is something boring and uninteresting, you can easily find yourself giving nearly no motivation to it.

That's where this feature can come into play: give yourself something else to entertain you. If you're mowing the lawn, slip on an iPod full of your favorite music. Sometimes, the task will require you to be focused, so a distraction is uncalled for. In that case, work it into point 7.

8. Reward

This is a great means of getting a lot of efforts out of you and those working with you. The classic example is the high school sports team doing a carwash to raise money. If the players know that a pizza lunch, with all the trimmings, will be forthcoming when they're done, they tend to work harder and better.

9. Personal gain

This sort of goes along with reward, but it can much more substantial. If you're working as a drafter, and passing some college classes or a state test will allow you to get work as an engineer, and thus make more money, you'll be highly motivated to do so.

When trying to get the most out of your efforts, there are a number of tools you can use to motivate yourself. Yet, the thing most important to remember is that you are only ever in competition with yourself. If reality doesn't meet with expectation, don't just assume you've failed or not given it your all.

Commitment is not an on/off proposition; you don't give zero or a hundred percent. Be honest in your self-examination and give yourself credit for the effort you put forth.

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently produced a very popular free report that reveals how to crush procrastination and sustain lasting motivation. Apply now because it is available for a limited time only at: stay motivated

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How to Get Motivation to Achieve Your Goals?

How to Get Motivation to Achieve Your Goals?
By Larry Rivera Platinum Quality Author

Finding motivation to achieve your goals could be the bridge that link towards its realization. Most of us have goals that we aspire to reach. It enables you to strive harder and do better in what you are currently doing, whether at home, school, or work. And when faced with obstacles, some people readily admit defeat and give up on their goals. Motivation is what keeps you from quitting and overcoming hurdles to keep your eye on the goal.

What is Motivation?

Goals are as diverse as people's personalities are. Goals can either be simple or complex such as a job promotion, vacation to a foreign country, buying a new car, or acquiring a scholarship. The same also goes with people's motivational needs. Hence, aiming towards your goals is no good without enough motivation that serves as your driving force to realizing them.

Despite constant planning and efforts to moving forward in your goal, failures or unexpected results could happen. Without enough motivation, you could easily give up. Therefore, motivation plays a crucial role in the process. Aside from focusing on the goal itself, think about what there is to you once you have achieved the goal. Is it personal achievement or rewards that you aim to reach? Then, you can devise ways to address your motivational needs.

How to Stay Motivated?

Here are ways to motivate yourself towards achieving your goals:

1. Think of the past and future. This might seem confusing to others but you need to balance between your past achievements and what you intend to achieve in the future. Reminding yourself of previous accomplishments will give you the boost you need to double your efforts. After all, you have done it before and there is no way you cannot accomplish it this time.

2. Break it down to smaller goals. When you have one major goal, better break them down into smaller and more accessible goals. Then, these smaller goals will serve as steps you take until you reach that major goal.

3. Change perspectives. Whatever successes or failures you've encountered in the past, take lessons from out of it and motivate yourself to do better each time. Then, you would be able to focus on whatever it takes to get to your desired goal. If you find something isn't working in your efforts toward the goal, evaluate and change them if necessary.

4. Share your goals to others. Letting others know about your goal works two-ways: it gives you that extra push to work on your goal and you can be assured that there are people that are willing to remind you in case you lose track of your goals.

Increasing Motivation

The best way to start with increasing your motivation is making a personal change. You will be amazed at how much power your mind holds over what you can do. To start that change, ask yourself a series of questions:

- What is my goal?
- What do I need to achieve it?
- What am I looking to achieve by realizing this goal?

These are just basic questions and you can add up the list if you want. The way you speak or act, and your priorities reflect your belief system. Hence, by reprogramming your belief system in such a way that it will facilitate towards working on your goal will make you more effective and motivated.

Finding the right motivation to achieve your goals might be that one thing that stands between its realization.

Hi, my name is Larry Rivera. I am a successful Internet Network Marketer. Are you in a network marketing company? Are you making money? If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you are getting. Wanna change that? The best support in the industry. Success University Review

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How to Motivate Someone Who Has Already Chosen to Give Up

How to Motivate Someone Who Has Already Chosen to Give Up
By Lance Winslow Platinum Quality Author

Have you ever run into someone that has hit the wall, bonked or just flat has nothing left? You talk with them and they are completely out of go, all they want to do is quit. You can try to motivate them with good cheer and say; "you can do it, come one let's go, you can do this, come on!" But they still are so intent on quitting they are having none of it, they are not even listening, they have lost all their will, and they have already made up their minds to quit.

Now you might think that at this point there is nothing you can do, you have to leave them, but you can't, you know you can't, that's just not you; that is not what you are about. It's like mountain climbing with someone who is half way up the mountain and so tired they cannot go any further, you cannot just leave them there, if you do they could end up falling. Many people stuck in this distressful situation when trying to motivate others will pretend to leave them and then come back, when this does not work you need to do something else.

You need them to change their minds, as although this is a physical challenge that is the basis for the problem, it has now turned into a mental one. Thus, you must work on it from a psychological stand point. You must also remember that you cannot help someone against their will. They must choose to succeed, choose to face adversity, choose to fight, to dig deep inside when nothing is left.

Once they choose to never surrender, to not give up, it's amazing what they can do. The more adversity they can overcome the stronger they will develop their will to press on. I know, I was there once and someone helped me to keep going. Now when I help others complete their challenges, I will never forget what it's like to be there.

Many who have chosen to give up will say; "you do not understand," but that is like a teenager telling their parents that they do not understand, sure they do, they were teens once too. So, when trying to help others tell them that you do understand, tell them of your pain and how you made it through, then tell them; "come on, let's do this together!"

"Lance Winslow" - Lance Winslow's Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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Definition of Motivation

Definition of Motivation
By Wendy Pan Platinum Quality Author

The definition of motivation is to give reason, incentive, enthusiasm, or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior. Motivation is present in every life function. Simple acts such as eating are motivated by hunger. Education is motivated by desire for knowledge. Motivators can be anything from reward to coercion.

There are two main kinds of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is internal. It occurs when people are compelled to do something out of pleasure, importance, or desire. Extrinsic motivation occurs when external factors compel the person to do something. However, there are many theories and labels that serve as sub tittles to the definition of motivation. For example: "I will give you a candy bar if you clean your room." This is an example of reward motivation.

A common place that we see the need to apply motivation, is in the work place. In the work force, we can see motivation play a key role in leadership success. A person unable to grasp motivation and apply it, will not become or stay a leader. It is critical that anyone seeking to lead or motivate understand "Howletts Hierarchy of Work Motivators."

Salary, benefits, working conditions, supervision, policy, safety, security, affiliation, and relationships are all externally motivated needs. These are the first three levels of "Howletts Hierarchy" When these needs are achieved, the person moves up to level four and then five. However, if levels one through three are not met, the person becomes dissatisfied with their job. When satisfaction is not found, the person becomes less productive and eventually quits or is fired. Achievement, advancement, recognition, growth, responsibility, and job nature are internal motivators. These are the last two levels of "Howletts Hierarchy." They occur when the person motivates themselves (after external motivation needs are met.) An employer or leader that meets the needs on the "Howletts Hierarchy" will see motivated employees and see productivity increase. Understanding the definition of motivation, and then applying it, is one of the most prevalent challenges facing employers and supervisors. Companies often spend thousands of dollars each year hiring outside firms just to give motivation seminars.

Another place motivation plays a key role is in education. A teacher that implements motivational techniques will see an increased participation, effort, and higher grades. Part of the teachers job is to provide an environment that is motivationally charged. This environment accounts for students who lack their own internal motivation. One of the first places people begin to set goals for themselves is in school. Ask any adult: "What is the main thing that motivates you." Their answer will most likely be goals. Even the simplest things in life are the result of goal setting. A person may say, "I want to save 300.00 for a new T.V." Well, that is a goal. School is where we are most likely to learn the correlation between goals, and the definition of motivation. That correlation is what breeds success.

So, as you can see, motivation is what propels life. It plays a major role in nearly everything we do. Without motivation, we would simply not care about outcomes, means, accomplishment, education, success, failure, employment, etc.. Then, what would be the point?

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about definition of motivation, please visit Self Improvement and Motivation for current articles and discussions.

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Self Motivation

Self Motivation

self motivation, a brief guide

By Claude Faucher

For any homeworker, it is the most important factor which will lead to success of failure. You wake up, the sun shining through your window. You have no boss except for the international internet market place, and she doesn’t tell you off if you’re late, she doesn’t let you know you’re not being efficient.

So wake up and get to work on your list of stuff to do, that you made yourself the night before. Make the list you made your boss and follow it, each and every day, and remember to be realistic. If your list will take twelve hours to complete, chances are, you won’t do it, each day the tasks will pile up upon the old ones until you’re buried under a veritable mountain of dull monotonous tasks. Self motivation is the most strenuous part. So take it easy, schedule a mini cigarette break for every time you complete a task if you smoke, or a tea break if you’re healthier then I am.

It’s all about commitment, persistence, being realistic with yourself, you’re not a machine and if you’ve spent your life being used to being told what to do by your boss, your school teachers, your friends, which surprise surprise is true of most people, then making the changes to your self that might make your work from home feasible requires a journey of self discovery and you will find yourself much more likely to know yourself and your weaknesses.

Why is self motivation difficult? I would put it down to the nature of the species. We’re herd animals, designed to gather in groups for safety, designed, in evolutionary terms to hunt in teams. Hermits have never been the most productive of people.

But the advantages may be huge. You cannot rely on others to encourage you all the time, you need to be self motivated to achieve in any aspect of life.

The devil of the solitary worker, whether you’re a writer or an internet marketer is procrastination and a good way to defeat it is to divide your tasks into manageable portions, and to consistently analyze your self. Why didn’t you complete step four of the list you made? Was it because you were distracted by the latest episode of your favorite TV show, was it because you spent too much time surfing and emailing? Be reasonable with yourself. Be hard towards yourself

Claude Faucher is a top internet marketer and business coach. He specialises in helping others create significant incomes working from the comfort of home. Website:

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Self Motivation Tips and Strategies

Self Motivation Tips and Strategies

This article about self motivation tips is appealing for those interested about this topic is written by Ken Austin


For many people, self motivation can be a task in itself. Not everyone has the self-discipline to accomplish a task without constant supervision; however, in both education and employment, it is the most important part of the learning process. After all, beyond the middle school development, a student must begin the process of training for the “real world,” and part of this process includes developing self motivation.

Self motivation begins in school as you learn how to complete assigned tasks on time, especially those that require time outside of the classroom. You cannot expect the teacher to be the motivator all the time, so therefore, you must learn how to motivate yourself. Without that ability, your life will be much more time-challenging since you will not have a clue how to complete projects without a predominant reason to do so. In other words, you may clean your home because guests are coming, but you will not do it unless something motivates you to do so because you do not know the art of self-motivation.

The best way to approach the answer to this dilemma is to make a list of motivation tips. This should consist of things that customarily motivate you to do things that need completed. One thing that motivates many people is the possibility that something will come up to prevent them from completing something on time. It doesn’t matter what it is – school project, chores, work details, or personal errands – if you condition yourself into understanding that failing to do things now may mean the inability to do them later, your self motivation will take over so that you accomplish the tasks in a timely manner.

There is no better motivating factor than facing the possibility that some pre-driven force will prevent you from doing the task if you don’t do it right now. For example, if you put off cleaning your house until you expect guests, it opens the possibility of unexpected guests arriving or of something breaking down, and you need to call a repairman. At work, that motivation may be that another more important project arrives on your desk, so now you have two priority projects, and you can’t go home until they are completed. There may be other ways, but creating your own stress is the one of the best motivation tips that anyone can offer.
For more self motivation tips and self motivation techniques, please visit the self improvement and motivation website.

David Miller

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How To Get Motivated To Make More Sales

How To Get Motivated To Make More Sales

Most people do not understand how and why they get motivated and therefore their motivation levels tend to ebb and flow like the daily tides. Few people have total control of their own motivation levels.

By Gavin Ingham

Copyright (c) 2008 Gavin Ingham

Few people would argue that motivated salespeople and business people make more sales. Wandering around looking like the world is out to get you and with your chin dragging along the floor never helped anyone to be a sales superstar and it never will.

Your motivation, your mindset and your actions are critical in helping you to achieve your goals and close the sales and build the business that you want. When I am invited to companies one of the most common questions asked by sales managers, sales directors and business owners alike is, “How do I get and keep my sales teams motivated?”

Indeed, one of the most common questions asked of me by salespeople themselves is, “How do I get and keep myself motivated?”

Most people do not understand how and why they get motivated and therefore their motivation levels tend to ebb and flow like the daily tides. Few people have total control of their own motivation levels. Salespeople know that they need to be motivated to sell, they want to be motivated to sell, but often they just cannot maintain that all important motivation to sell.

Motivation tip 1:

Motivation begins and ends with you. You determine your own motivation. Motivation is internal, it’s something that you control; even though you may not realise that this is the case. Many people believe that motivation is something that happens to them. For this reason they and their sales results get buffeted severely throughout life.

Sales superstars do not believe or act this way. Sales superstars know that their personal motivation is down to them. No matter what anyone else does or says they get to choose their own motivation levels. No matter whether they get the deal or they lose the deal, they get to choose their own motivation levels. No matter whether life’s going the way they want or it’s not, they get to choose their own motivation levels. And it’s that choice that sets them apart and defines them as the rock stars of sales.

If you want to join the ranks of the sales rock star elite now then you need to take responsibility for your motivation on a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and moment to moment basis…

Step 1 is to decide to do just that. To decide to hold yourself to a higher standard, to decide that nothing short of operating at the optimum level is acceptable for you anymore, to decide that you are a sales rock star.

Step 2 is to employ effective strategies for boosting your motivation and staying on top of your game. One powerful way to get that jolt is by sharing proven techniques so this post is a double whammy - you gain by reading & you gain by sharing.

Start by making a list of ways that you can motivated both yourself and your team and take time to employ them on a daily basis.

Happy selling.

Do You Find It Hard To Feel Gratitude?

Do You Find It Hard To Feel Gratitude?

The idea of living in an "attitude of gratitude" has been brought to the attention of more people than ever before through its use in the recent best selling book, The Secret. Many readers who are anxious to explore the use of the Law of Attraction, struggle with the concept of starting out with feelings of gratitude. Here is a simple way to invoke gratitude.

By Elaine Currie

Writing a list of the good things in your life can help you to establish an attitude of gratitude.

Many people seeking to improve their situation through using the power of positive thought find it difficult to cultivate feelings of gratitude. This is not because they are actively ungrateful or even careless of the reasons they have to feel gratitude. These are just ordinary people who have never before tried to develop an attitude of gratitude and they find it hard to get started.

Many people have come across the phrase “attitude of gratitude” for the first time through its use in the best-selling book and video, The Secret. For a lot of the people who watch the DVD or read the book this will be their first encounter with the idea that positive thinking can change lives. When they decide to try to employ the techniques described in books such as The Secret, they find developing an attitude of gratitude very difficult.

To understand why this should be true, you only need to look at the reasons people have for trying to use the techniques. The one thing all these people have in common is that they want something. This is true whether they desire success in business, happiness in their personal relationships, a cure for illness, wealth, improved strength or any of the myriad material and metaphysical goals humanity can devise. They want something, they are not satisfied with their lives as they are at this time.

Many people taking the first step towards living in an attitude of gratitude, cannot see what reason they have to be grateful. Their thoughts keep returning to the things they want to change. They cannot find the way to shift their focus away from the cause of their feelings of dissatisfaction. For these people to truly acquire an attitude of gratitude, they need to understand that dissatisfaction and gratitude are not mutually exclusive. It is a question of focus. Focusing on the pleasing things in your life is positive. Thinking about the reasons to be dissatisfied with your current circumstances is negative.

Most of the people struggling to develop an attitude of gratitude, aren’t beset by serious problems or deep suffering. They are ordinary folk who want to achieve their full potential. The difficulty they have is in shifting their focus away from thoughts of what they are wishing to achieve and onto the abundance they already have in their lives. They do not realise that they can counteract a negative thought with a positive one and they do not understand how simple that is to do.

It is natural that thoughts of present difficulties will recur. You cannot prevent negative thoughts from popping into your head. The key to achieving true feelings of gratitude and well-being is to use positive ideas to overwhelm these negative thoughts. This is achieved by actively thinking of a positive thing every time a negative thought occurs. This is what many people fail to grasp. They think they have to prevent themselves from having negative thoughts and, when they fail to achieve this, they give up.

When starting the exercise of feeling gratitude, it is a good idea to write down a list of reasons to be grateful. This list need not be very long and it can include anything you like. For example, you could start with the fact that you are in good health, that your family is well, that you have a good relationship with your partner, that you have a place to live, that you have nourishing food to eat. It is your list so include anything that will work for you, no matter how trivial it might seem. If you feel blessed to have that warm winter coat in your favorite color, include that. Keep copies of your list where you will be able to read it to remind yourself of the reasons you have to feel gratitude any time negative thoughts try to overtake you.

If you find yourself thinking a negative thought eg “I hate the fact that I have to go out in the freezing cold to get the groceries”, counteract that negativity by thinking “I will enjoy the trip to the store because I have my lovely coat to keep me warm”. No matter if the little niggling negative thought seems trivial, make sure to counteract it with a positive thought. After a little practise, this will become almost as natural as breathing. You won’t be able to allow a negative thought to exist without burying it under a positive thought.

Key To Success: Motivation

Key To Success: Motivation
by: Donovan Baldwin

Motivation is not a new concept to most of us. We have felt that first burst of enthusiasm. Perhaps it was an ad or news story on TV, an article in a magazine, a chance remark, or an embarrassing moment that brought us that sudden rush of certainty that something needed to be done...could be done. We felt a strong, perhaps overwhelming desire to DO SOMETHING...something that would change what had been or create something new. Often, this is accompanied by a clear and certain knowledge of what to do, how to do, and what the result would be.

Maybe we decided to lose weight, start a business, or write a book. Still bolstered by our reaction to what we had seen, heard, or felt, were certain of success! We would start that exercise program, or open that savings account tomorrow; we would begin writing a chapter a day...tomorrow. No! Tomorrow was too far away! We knew what we wanted and how to get it and we were going to start today!

Nothing could stop us!!

Of course, we know what happened over the next few hours, days, or weeks.

The clear image we had of our success dimmed and blurred; perhaps disappeared all together. The daily exercise routine, became a couple of times a week, and then was dropped all together. We quit making the deposit, or the notebook we bought for writing our great novel suddenly seemed too full of blank pages to ever fill.

The dream ended. If we were lucky, that's all that ended. For some, however, it lingered on as one more reminder of all the unfulfilled dreams and became part of our self image. It was another defeat to add to the stack.

So! What happened and how do we change it?

What happened was a combination of life, human nature, and personality or character.

Life supplies us with a constant stream of information, events, and opportunities. It is difficult to keep sight of the goal and the process while maintaining the initial level of motivation which burned so brightly when it was the new kid on the block.

Human nature has defense mechanisms and weaknesses which combine to cause us to lose the fervor we felt...before we begin to become aware of the obstacles in our path. Sadly, an obstacle does not have to be real to be effective. The well-intentioned doubts of friends and family, whether real or imagined, are both equally effective in extinguishing the fires of desire.

As with many things in our lives, our personalities and characters have a great impact on our success or failure in any given situation. Whether they contribute to our success or become obstacles does not, however, define us as failures! It is also important to note that the factors of personality or character which may be in the way are NOT always set in stone and may be altered so that success becomes a more common state.

Ways to maintain motivation keep our dream clear, bright, and fresh after the first giddy rush of elation we felt when we first felt we knew "the answer". We cannot change life in general, but we can change how we live it and alter the human nature and circumstances which would rob us of success.

1. Write it down: Whatever the goal or dream, commit it to paper. Often, the dream simply becomes harder to see, more difficult to focus on, as new events and factors evolve. Writing it down allows us to refocus and see the goal again as we saw it when it was fresh.

2. Read it: Carry the paper you wrote it on with you. Make an extra copy and put it on your bathroom mirror, another on the refrigerator door. Take it out several times daily and read it...out loud is best, but silently in the bathroom is better than nothing.

3. Revise it: Things change, we grow, we learn. Be real. Having to alter a dream or the process of achieving it is not failure. It is reality.

4. Log it: Make note of what you did to achieve your goal or what you can do tomorrow or next week. Don't worry about how far you got, or how much you did...just that you did it.

5. Learn it: Study the subject. You don't have to go back to school for a degree, but regularly delving into the subject will help keep you focused and perhaps give you new ideas to help you on your way.

6. Share it: If you dare, you are the judge. Letting people know what you're doing, while being aware that they may have a negative view of it, can be motivating.

7. Read about motivation: These few words are not the only ones written on the subject. There are other ideas out there, and a sentence in another article or a book may be the key you need to go farther than you have ever gone before.

The goal is to keep the motivation level somewhere near the level it was when you started.

Motivating Yourself When You're Creatively Self Employed

Motivating Yourself When You're Creatively Self Employed

When you're self employed you become both boss and employee. This dynamic sets up a whole set of inner relationships and rebellions that need to be handled with care. Particularly if your line of work is a creative one.

By Mary McNeil

Self motivation is a well known challenge for the self employed. And never more so than for creatives. Why so? Well creative types very often choose to become self employed precisely so that they can exercise their creativity and flexibility in their work. Not for them the tedium of a regular nine to five office job!

But when you’re self employed, YOU become the boss. And the employee. And this dynamic sets up a whole set of inner relationships and rebellions that need to be handled with care. Particularly when it comes to managing your motivation so that you can achieve successful outcomes for both your business and for yourself.

Assuming that at least part of the reason you’re in business is because you want to make money, your inner boss will be need to be in a position to make strategic decisions, undertake planning activities and dictate hours of work.

And assuming that you’re creatively self employed because you want flexibility and creativity in your working life and don’t want to be dictated to, your inner employee will need a certain degree of freedom and leeway on the job.

So how is your relationship between your inner boss and your inner employee?

Recently I asked this question of a creative coaching client who was struggling to run her home-based creative business. She surprised herself with her reply! She’d expected to respond that her inner boss was terrorizing her inner employee and that what she needed was more freedom to work flexibly so that she could enjoy her working time more. What emerged, though, as she thought about the question, was that the roles were reversed… her inner employee was rebelling against her inner boss to such an extent that she despaired of ever producing any meaningful output.

To motivate yourself happily and successfully, it’s clearly important to nurture a supportive relationship between these two parts of yourself. And that means engaging them in regular dialogue with each other. Your inner boss needs to appreciate the working style and form of flexibility that your inner employee resonds best to. And your inner employee needs to understand what the boss reasonably requires in order to produce results that both will find satisfactory and rewarding.

Both your inner boss and inner employee will sometimes need to understand the principle of the delayed reward. Your inner boss, for example, is more likely to allow your inner employee to take that luxuriously creative hour for writing in the middle of the afternoon, if there’s an understanding that the employee will work, and work far better, in the early evening as a result. And likewise, your inner employee is more likely to let your inner boss lay down some plans for future ambitious projects if there’s an understanding between the two of them that the plan includes an allowance for creative travels and time out on completion.

So as you think about your conflicting motivations when it comes to work, creativity, self employment, money and flexibility, take a moment to be aware of the different parts of yourself that have a stake in the process. If you can involve each part in a way that allows it to have a say and to negotiate with the other parts, you’re likely to achieve a much higher overall level of motivation in your work. And, of course, the corresponding success that comes along with it.

If you're brimming with creative ideas but struggling to develop them into tangible output, the practical support of a coach can make all the difference. Mary McNeil of Create a Space is an experienced, ICF-certified life coach, natural born planner and declutterer extraordinaire! She works with artists, writers and musicians, coaching and supporting them as they make creative output a practical reality.

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5 Must Know Steps To Motivation

5 Must Know Steps To Motivation

This article covers the unconventional methods of motivation. They are expressed in 5 steps which are intended to give the reader a deeper understanding of motivation and how they can implement these tools into their life to create more success and personal power.

By Shannon Graham

Many of us have read all about how to set goals, how to make plans, and get pumped up. Yet time after time people talk to me about how they need to be more motivated. Motivation seems to be like this cruel joke because; a lot of the time we all know for the most part what it takes. We know the tips, the tricks and everything in between. So why is it that we for some reason knowing all these things find our motivation falling by the way side? It is because we use all these tips and ideas but we never really own them, that is make them part of who we are. Take it upon yourself to learn and own these 5 steps that follow and motivation will be yours.

1. Success and Fear

It seems to me that one of the largest issues that will hold people back in their pursuit of happiness is fear. To be more specific it is the fear of failure, let’s face it no one wants to feel like a failure. So then why is it that some of us are willing to move toward that which may bring failure and some of us avoid it like the plague? It comes down to our evaluation of success and failure. Try looking at failure as a learning experience a way for you to gain more information and more power, and then be willing to take that new knowledge and power and use it in your next attempt. Think of it like narrowing down your options until all you are left with is success.

2. Forget the list

How familiar does this sound; it is New Years Eve and everyone is running around being jolly, stuffed with a little too much turkey and eggnog. You sit down at the end of the night and decided GAD NAB IT!! This is going to be the year that things change. So what do you do? You set a goal! Then because you read in some trashy magazine that you should make a list of all the benefits you’re goal will bring, you do you make a list that is two miles long. The trouble tends to be that the list is made up of logical items. Human beings as much as we may not like to admit are not logical, we are emotional. The solution? When you are examining the benefits of you’re goal make totally sure that they draw from you a deep emotional feeling. This will guarantee some extra fire in your engine!

3. Negative is not bad

When you are collecting your thoughts and stacking the deeply emotional benefits of your goal do not to forget to ad in the deeply emotional negative consequence that you will face if you do not go along with or stick to your goal. You would not believe the amount of motivation you can have by creating a crisp clear image of what it would feel like to fall short of you’re goals. To miss out on all the glory that comes with attaining them. So get out there and think negative! (But do it with passion!)

4. The View from Above

Another habit we often carry with us that can keep us from our motivation is our vision. I am not talking about literal vision, rather our ability to see the future. It becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to become motivated if we do not have a crisp clear picture of what our life will be like once this goal is ours. We tend to be very moment oriented; don’t you find this to be true? We generally are more interested in what will make us happy in this moment and not what will make us happy a week, a month, a year from now and sadly far too often we pay the price because of it. So use you’re gift of imagination to paint a vivid picture of the future, and all the splendor that comes along with it, do not be content with the present and you’re improvement will be never ending!

5. Act for the Sake of Action

There will be a time when you use all these tools and ideas, and even start to make them become a part of who you are and still will see your motivation shrinking. Now this is when you’re personal power matters more than ever. It is at this moment when you are really making an effort to improve and you are on the edge of break through that your old lazy self will fight with all it’s got to ensure things do not change. So what do you do? You would do what any person that has a cause would do; you fight back with all of your soul, all of your heart, and all of your might. When you feel like you just can not take another step or get out of that bed when the alarm goes off that is the exact moment whether you want to or not that you must act. You must trump you’re your negative thoughts with positive action. Just do it, do not think just make your body do what you know it needs to. Do this and soon you will completely own your new habit and motivation will seep from your pores.

Keep in mind all great things take time. But if you are willing to use these steps and commit to owning them and not just using them then I can say with certainty that you’re life will improve. Thanks for reading and always remember to live like a champion!

Shannon Graham is a professional life coach that works with people to help them reach higher levels of confidence and empowerment. At only 25 years old he has been studying success principles and personal improvement strategies for over a decade. For more information visit:

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How I Beat Procrastination

How I Beat Procrastination

Do you have a "To Do" list? Do you constantly have trouble completing your "To Do" list? Here are some of the BEST hints I've ever heard about how to tackle something that seems to be innate in most humans ' Procrastination!

By Winsome Coutts

Here are the BEST tips I’ve ever heard about how to deal with Procrastination.

If you are really well organised, get things done in a timely manner, and do NOT have a huge undoable list called: “LIST OF THINGS TO DO”, then don’t waste your time reading this.

Procrastination.........I am really well qualified to write on this topic, because I have been known to not only have a list of things to do, but in that same list I have even written ‘ ‘read this list’. I mean to say .......

I am happy to report that I am getting over this ‘List Addiction’

If this strikes a cord with you, then I have discovered the best hint ever. I am not kidding; this has really helped me....

Procrastinate no longer.

We are nearly all aware these days of the importance of goal setting. You may have heard about the recent Harvard study which researched the effects of goal setting on a class of young men, a generation ago and then now. Many of them wrote down very clear goals, the rest of them didn’t. I don’t think I need to spell out the outcome 40 years later....

So you probably have goals, I hope you do; and have even written them down. We know that goal setting and being very focused about our dream is crucial. But while you are busy, busy with a list of ‘Things To Do’, a list often of trivial things, you are not really focussing at all.

So the BEST hint for Procrastinators? This is it. From today’s list of things to do...PRIORITISE, look at those tasks and put them in order of importance. Start with Number 1 and do it until it is done. It is only after you you have completed Number 1, that you can allow yourself to move on to Number 2.

Prioritise...what does that really mean? It means put at the top of the list the MOST IMPORTANT things that will lead you towards your goal.

And all those silly little tasks you put on your list that are easy to do, and that don’t move you directly towards our goal, down to the bottom of the list they go. It means things like, don’t go checking your emails every 5 minutes to see if something new has arrived, no nipping out for a coffee every so often, instead of doing another task.

It means doing the important things and NOT the ‘urgent things’. It means not jumping to fill in a survey that was sent to you, or fixing up something for the person who shouts the loudest. It means not putting off something that seems a bit uncomfortable...Just GET ON WITH IT. Once you start, then you will see what the next step will be.

Here is Another great tip.

If a 2 minute job (or less) pops up...DO IT NOW. That’s it, that’s all. Don’t even bother putting it on the ‘TO DO’ list. All you will do is look at it over and over again. Just finish it straight away, so that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your head.

Now you will have some time to really work on getting clear about your goals.

Winsome Coutts has a passion for personal development, The Law of Attraction and The Secret film. She is co-owner of Global Secrets International. For heaps of info, free downloads & self-help tools, go to:

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How Self Motivation Compliments A Work At Home Career

How Self Motivation Compliments A Work At Home Career

Why is self motivation so important? There are a lot of different reasons why. People everywhere are learning fast how important this is. Find out for yourself why you need to be self motivated if you work at home and want to be a success in all areas of your life.

By Mark Molina

Why is self motivation so important? There are a lot of different reasons why. People everywhere are learning fast how important this is. Find out for yourself why you need to be self motivated if you work at home and want to be a success in all areas of your life.

There are many people who have figured out the importance of self motivation. However, there are others out there that want to do things but they don’t have the self motivation needed to get the job done.

Other people can help to motivate you for a lot of things but if you want to reach a certain goal than you need to learn to motivate yourself. So why would do you want to be self motivated?

There are a couple of different reasons why people everywhere need to be self motivated. If you work at home and you are your own boss you do not have anyone but yourself to motivate you. You have no co-workers or a boss to motivate you!

Here is another example, do you want to have a certain career such as becoming a nurse? If you do than it will be up to you to find ways to use self motivation in order to achieve that goal. Only you and your efforts will reach that goal, and it all starts with self motivation.

You won’t get very far in this world if you don’t know how to use self motivation. No matter how hard it is to reach a goal you can have the power to do at when you understand how to motivate yourself.

You need to make sure and educate yourself on how to use self motivation in your own life. The best way to do this is to find training programs that will help you learn how.

You can also try self hypnosis if that would work best for you. You just need to make sure that you find something to help you learn what you need to know. This is important.

No matter what way you educate yourself, you need to make sure that you become as self motivated as you can. If you can use self motivation in your life than you will have a much higher chance of being successful in all areas of your life including if you work at home.

Mark Molina invites you to visit his reverse funnel system website to learn how you can start and run your own successful home business today. If making money by plugging into the right team for success appeals to you please click here to get help now:===>

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Self Motivation, You Have To Have It To Succeed

Self Motivation, You Have To Have It To Succeed

In order to build your legitimate home based business opportunities you will have to be self motivated. Often it will be just you, your computer, and a cup of coffee and many things you can do besides working on your business. As a home based business owner you will not have a boss pushing you or corporate dead lines to meet. The only one who can do it is you. Below are 5 tips for self motivation.

By Stephen Meyer

In order to build your legitimate home based business opportunities you will have to be self motivated. Often it will be just you, your computer, and a cup of coffee and many things you can do besides working on your business. As a home based business owner you will not have a boss pushing you or corporate dead lines to meet. The only one who can do it is you. Below are 5 tips for self motivation.

5 Ways For Self motivation

Tip Number One is to Involve The People You Know

This first tip is one of the hardest for many people because it involves your pride. You are putting yourself on the line and doing anything other than what you promised can mean failure to yourself and to your friends. This tip is to involve others in your project. Even those of us who live very Hermit like lives know people we can involve. They can be personal friends, people in our neighborhoods, family and those we have occasional casual conversations with. By telling these people what you are doing and by setting a date for completion you are placing expectations in the minds of your friends and family.

What you have done is doubled your motivational level by first telling them what your project is and then by giving them a set due date. By telling them what it is and building an expectation in them of your best work you have motivated yourself to do the best work you possibly can. None of us want to show our friends something we have done after only giving it half our effort. Our pride will not let us do that. Instead we want to show the finest work we possibly can. The other thing you have done is motivated yourself to complete your project on a specific date. Very often using this motivational method you are motivating yourself to complete our projects early.

The Second Tip IS To Give Yourself A Due Date

Most people who are in business understand they must have a solid business plan in order to grow their business to a desired level. The legitimate home based business opportunities entrepreneur is no different. They must also know what is required to build their business. There are things that must be done at certain times. Things like making a bank deposit must be done by a certain time each day the same as many other things that must be done to succeed in business.

You must have a clear knowledge of the repercussions of not completing a task. Most of us do not like the idea that we may be loosing money if something we must do is not completed. By knowing these goals and outcomes and then setting a time frame for completion of our products we are motivating ourselves to complete the needed work on time. Money and the loss of it is a strong motivational factor. Setting time frames that must be met is also a strong motivational factor.

Step Three, Reward Yourself

Life has many examples of how treating yourself can give you motivation to complete your projects on time. Pavlov’s dogs are a prime example. By building an expectation of a desired result you can push yourself to finish your work. If the result is a treat and you have a desire to receive that treat each time you start a task you will have the motivation to complete the task each and every time you start on a project.

Make your treat something that is special and something your strongly desire. Then do not give it to yourself until the task is completed. This might require a little self discipline especially if you are accustomed to treating yourself when ever you please. What it will do for you is the same thing it did for our children. It will cause you to complete your task and often times sooner than the time you had set. It will give you that little bit of motivation that is often needed in building your home based business.

Creating a Positive Mindset Is Tip Number Four

Because legitimate home based business opportunities professionals are often alone with their businesses it is easy for them to slip into negative thinking. This can drag your business down and kill your motivation for completing your projects. If and when it happens you must stop it in its tracks. Luckily it is easy to stop. Change the atmosphere in your work area by putting some fun music on your stereo. Get some pictures of your family, friends, and pets and put them on your desk where they are easy to see.

Then when negative thoughts creep up simply look at those pictures and think about the good times you’ve had and the goals you have set for the future. You can even begin thinking about the last step, begin thinking about the treat you will be giving yourself when you are finished. Negative thoughts can destroy your motivation but by turning those thoughts to positive you will increase your self motivation far above what it was.

Tip Number Five, Give Yourself A break

If you are not giving yourself the time you need off away from work you can quickly destroy the motivation needed to complete your work. Without time off you can also make it very difficult to accomplish the above four motivational methods. Smart business owners understand they must give their employees time off not only away from work but during the work day also. If they do not give them time off they know their production levels will fall off due to a lack of motivation. The same is true for those who own a home based business. You must give yourself a break in order to be productive.

Like everyone the legitimate home based business opportunities owner has to have time to enjoy their lives. After all that is what they are working for, a better life. By doing this you will refresh your mind giving you the motivation to approach your work with all the energy you have. It will give you the Friday Night motivation. You know you will be off work at a certain time and will be motivated to complete your task by that time so you can enjoy your time off being worry free.

Stephen Meyer is a legitimate home based business oportunities owner who eagerly assist others find their profitable legitimate home based business opportunity. To view his many opportunity go to. Your Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities Guide

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How To Greatly Increase Your Motivation To Achieve Your Goals

How To Greatly Increase Your Motivation To Achieve Your Goals

How badly do you want your goals? How motivated are you to be persistent in going after your goals and dreams until they are achieved? How much you want your goals and dreams determines the strength of your motivation. It is that strength that will steadfastly pursue your dreams irrespective of any challenges, setbacks, oppositions or confrontations.

By Hani Al-Qasem

How badly do you want your goals? How motivated are you to be persistent in going after your goals and dreams until they are achieved?

How much you want your goals and dreams determines the strength of your motivation. It is that strength that will steadfastly pursue your dreams irrespective of any challenges, setbacks, oppositions or confrontations.

I recall a friend who set himself a goal that he felt extremely excited about. He talked for days on end about that goal; what it meant to him and how he really wanted to achieve it within six months at the most.

A couple of months later, my friend Bill, took me aside. I could see he was feeling miserable and despondent. He went on to tell me how disappointed he was that his goal had not materialised.

“Goal? What Goal?” was my honest answer. It was not what Bill wanted to hear.

“You know, my goal to get a toned body,” Bill answered, with a sense of defeat and frustration in his voice.

“Oh that. I thought you were kidding. We all figured you changed your mind since we don’t see you going to the gym anymore,” I replied.

What happened here?

In the beginning, Bill was excited about his new goal of getting a firm and toned body; a sculptured chest, arms and thighs. He was full of motivation and determination to achieve that goal.

He consistently went to the gym four to five days a week. He took his protein shakes, his Creatine and chatted non-stop about his training schedule and how pleased he was with his progress.

By the third month, he started to go to the gym twice a week and mid-way through that month it trickled to once a week.

His dilemma was he couldn’t understand why his motivation to workout had dwindled to once a week half-way through the third month.

“At the beginning, I was so full of enthusiasm and motivation. I felt nothing could stop me,” he explained.

So what went wrong? Where did his incredible motivation go?

After careful examination, it came to light that Bill had lost his initial burst of motivation because he was not really passionate about being toned.

It was merely a passing ‘wish’. In other words, he did not want to be toned badly enough. If he did, if he felt passionate, he would have continued his workout routine no matter what challenges or distractions he faced.

Bill was torn between two thoughts. The first said, “Yeah I’d like to have a toned body.” But his conflicting second thought argued, “Sure, but you could get along in life without it.”

And who won? His conflicting thought had the upper hand. You see, Bill would have ‘liked’ the toned body, but he did not turn that want into a solid goal. The toned body idea remained just that, an idea or a wish. As such, his once powerful motivation had weakened until it was there no more.

If he had turned it into a goal, he would have sought after it. He would have been motivated to pursue that goal irrespective of how tired or how busy he was.

After all, it was his goal. And goals are meant to be achieved.

Passion ignites the drive from deep within to maintain the motivation to reach all sorts of goals and dreams. Passion provides the fuel to keep you in a highly motivated state of mind.

Once you find out what you are passionate about, boost your motivation to remain persistent regardless of any setbacks and obstacles.

In time , your motivation will increase in momentum regardless of any distractions or interruptions. Motivation pushes you to take consistent daily action to achieve and live your goals.

Hani Al-Qasem is the co-author of "Self-Confidence Building in 7 Steps." Raise your confidence in any area of your life by applying the learnings in his e-book. Download the free 48-page sample of "Self-Confidence Building in 7 Steps” and start benefiting. Discover how you can boost your motivation to perform at higher levels with True Thoughts mind reprogramming MP3 downloads. Simply press play, relax and change.

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Using Self Motivation To Succeed Online

Using Self Motivation To Succeed Online

The internet based affiliate marketing business can be a difficult industry to work in. There is incredibly stiff competition, hundreds of thousands of sites just like yours, and you never know exactly how to reach people. It can be stressful working for yourself because of the numerous responsibilities you have. Because of all this, self motivation is crucial to having success online.

By Stephen Meyer

The internet based affiliate marketing business can be a difficult industry to work in. There is incredibly stiff competition, hundreds of thousands of sites just like yours, and you never know exactly how to reach people. It can be stressful working for yourself because of the numerous responsibilities you have. Because of all this, self motivation is crucial to having success online.

You will have to have a strong focus and a healthy amount of determination to succeed online. At times it will seem like others are always moving ahead of you doing things you haven’t thought of or tried. That is because the Internet is always busy and people will always be online building and promoting their business or looking for new opportunities and information.

This does not mean you need to work 24 hours a day, but it does mean you have to remain focused and get your work done. When working from home you are given more freedom than ever before. You will have far more distractions you have to fight through. While it is difficult to work knowing the television is in the next room, it is essential you stay motivated.

The great thing about the internet is you can do just about anything you want. It is much easier to stay motivated when it is something you enjoy. When something is a passion of yours, it is less like a job and more like a hobby. This is why you should go into a niche that you have an interest in.

Another self motivation tip is to make goals and write them out. If you have something to strive for it is easier to get your work done. It is when you feel you are working for nothing that the motivation begins to slip. Write out short-term goals and long-term goals to strive for. You should also write up what your reward will be for achieving the goals.

Lastly, believe in yourself and your capabilities on the internet. If you are constantly down on yourself, it is hard to remain motivated. But if you know you are going to succeed regardless of what obstacles you face, you can stay motivated. When something bad happens, talk to yourself and remain positive. You are bound to make mistakes along the way, but it is how you react to these mistakes that will sum you up.

Motivation will always be one of your most powerful tools. It will help you grow past your competition and it will remove self doubt. If you are motivated, focus and determined building your own Internet based affiliate marketing business will not only be rewarding financially it will be rewarding personally.

Stephen Meyer has Internet based affiliate marketing businesses and home business business reviews and can help you choose the business that is correct for you. Visit Internet based affiliate marketing businesses Home

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What You Need To Succeed.

What You Need To Succeed.

You will not be able to succeed or achieve anything significant in your life without having motivation, the fuel that pushes you to get things done. You will either remain where you are at now, or you will progress through life at a slow pace.

By Hani Al-Qasem

You will not be able to succeed or achieve anything significant in your life without having motivation, the fuel that pushes you to get things done. You will either remain where you are at now, or you will progress through life at a slow pace.

You need motivation to get out of bed, to go to work, to exercise, to go to a movie. You also need motivation to help you quit any habits that you do not want, such as quitting smoking or alcohol.

You need a certain level of motivation to do everything in life. Motivation is central for personal and professional success, and in all areas of your life.

For you to be successful in any chosen area, you will need to be motivated to take consistent action. It is your motivation that will drive you to take action to succeed in all that you do.

So how do you acquire motivation? Your primary step is to set yourself a few goals. Decide on what areas you want to improve on and what it is that you want to improve or have.

It is important to note that you must make these goals realistic and achievable, yet not easy to attain; they must require some effort on your part.

For example, in your financial area, for you to set a goal to have an income of £1M in one year where your present income is £25,000 makes the goal unrealistic. It is best to increment your goals realistically until you achieve your goal of £1M.

By setting yourself very high goals you may set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Make sure your goals are achievable, yet they allow you to stretch yourself to get the job done.

Once you have decided on your goals, write them down by hand and read them on a daily basis; or even better, write each goals 10 times every morning upon awakening and last thing before bed. This way you are constantly reminding yourself, consciously and unconsciously, what you are striving for.

For added motivational power, set yourself a deadline for when you want to achieve each goal. Again in your financial area, your goal could be, “I am earning £5,000 or more every month by 31st December, 2008.”

This goal is realistic and it excites you, it motivates you, it pushes you to do what it takes to achieve it. An exciting goal is a great and very powerful motivator.

Your next step is for you to be committed to keep after these goals until they are achieved. Keep your goals in sight, feel what it would be like to have achieved your goals.

Keep pushing yourself. Never give in. Never look back on any failures, or as I call them ‘success gone astray.’ Should you have a setback, learn all that you can from it and move on. This setback has given you the opportunity to know what did not work, and that is a step in the right direction. Now you can try out another strategy or action.

Learn from your mistakes, but do not dwell on them. Regain your motivation by reminding yourself of your goals and how much they mean to you; why you must have the goals.

A powerful way to keep you motivated is to reward yourself every time you take a step up the ladder of success on the way to the top, where your goal awaits you. By rewarding yourself you keep the momentum of your motivation going strong and gaining in strength with every step you take.

Remember, you can be motivated to be successful in all that you do when you set realistic goals, and your purpose to reaching your goals is powerful enough to keep you committed to the end.

By becoming and remaining motivated you will achieve what it is that you are after.

So if you are stuck where you are and you wonder why you have not progressed to achieve a better quality of life, it could be due to your lack motivation.

Initiate and boost your motivation by knowing what it is that you want, set a few goals with deadlines and go for it. Keep in mind, motivation is driven by passion and purpose. Find your passion and purpose and commit to it.

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Motivation - Effective Strategies For That You Can Start Using Today

Motivation - Effective Strategies For That You Can Start Using Today

Motivation is a word used to refer to the reason or reasons for engaging in a particular behavior, especially human behavior as studied in psychology and neurophysiology. If you want to make positive, lasting change in your life, it helps to spend some time thinking about motivation.

By Scott Allen Barker

Motivation is a word used to refer to the reason or reasons for engaging in a particular behavior, especially human behavior as studied in psychology and neurophysiology. Intrinsic motivation is when people engage in an activity, such as a hobby, with a internal desire, without obvious external incentives. Extrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from outside an individual, such as a reward or a good grade. Extrinsic motivation is often effective. If you want to make positive, lasting change in your life, it helps to spend some time thinking about motivation.


Students perform with higher motivation when their creativity is engaged. Students find as satisfying as reasoning through a problem and discovering the underlying principle on their own. Students are individuals, so a variety of approaches may be needed to motivate different students.

Because students are not always internally motivated, they sometimes need situated motivation, which is found in environmental conditions that the teacher creates. Fortunately, many of the strategies that “empower” and “engage” students also lead to increased motivation.


Motivated employees always look for better ways to do a job. Performance is considered to be a function of ability and motivation, thus: Job performance equals ability/motivation). The key words are the ones which say thanks and well done for doing a great job, especially where the words recognize each person’s own special ability, quality, contribution and effort. No one knows the job better than the person performing it.


Personal growth adds value to the individual, enhancing self-esteem and self-worth. Self-actualized people are characterized by: 1) being problem-focused; 2) incorporating an ongoing freshness of appreciation of life; 3) a concern about personal growth; and 4) the ability to have peak experiences.

Experiencing the positive feelings is vital for the conscious and sub-conscious visualization of success and achievement, essential for broadening people’s horizons, raising their sights, setting new personal standards and goals, and increasing motivation.

The theory is that behavior motivated by an internal desire is more likely to be long-term and more likely to be integrated into your personality than is behavior that is motivated by some external reward. People are best motivated when they are working toward personally meaningful goals whose attainment requires activity at a continuously optimal (intermediate) level of difficulty.


Goal Setting is extremely important to motivation and success. Goal-setting theory is based on the notion that individuals sometimes have a drive to reach a clearly defined end state. The goal should be objectively defined and intelligible for the individual. Set well defined goals and reward yourself for reaching them. Start with small goals that lead to larger goals.


Motivation to achieve is a function of the individual’s desire for success, the expectancy of success, and the incentives provided. Sure, it’s possible to succeed with someone else providing the motivation for you. But motivation that comes from within really makes the difference.

The elements of motivation starts with the desire to be free, to be free from dependency on others, freedom to live the lifestyle we dream of, and freedom to explore our ideas. Every day seek inspiration, and it will help sustain motivation over the long term.

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Motivation Psychology For Weight Loss And Exercise

Motivation Psychology For Weight Loss And Exercise
By: Alan B. Densky, CH

If you\'ve made the decision to get some weight off - congratulations! For many people, making a commitment to their own well-being is the most difficult part. But in spite of self-motivation, many people realize they don\'t know what exercises to perform for rapid weight loss.

There are three main sorts of exercise: aerobic exercise, such as biking or running; flexibility exercises, such as yoga and other forms of stretching; and strength training, such as bodybuilding.

Aerobic and strength training will help you burn the most calories. Since weight loss depends on either burning more calories or taking in less, it\'s best to concentrate on these at first to ensure your self motivation remains as you lose weight.

Typically, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week is best. Increase the interval and frequency as you advance.

But many people whose self-motivation has encouraged them to begin an exercise for weight loss program neglect the importance of strength training. Aerobic exercise burns more calories in the beginning, but weight lifting increases muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat. A pound of muscle needs 35 calories per day to function at rest; a pound of fat needs only two calories for the same function.

The fitness consensus used to tell us that to \"build\" muscle, you should use fewer reps (3-5) at higher weights, and to simply \"tone,\" higher reps (12-15) at lower weights was best. But there\'s no such thing as \"toning.\" Definition that results from what is wrongly called toning happens because you have lost the layer of fat on top of the muscle, making the muscle more visible. The size of the muscle underneath depends on how strenuously you train.

You must \"tear down\" the muscle so it can rebuild itself afterward. In fact, you don\'t build muscle while pumping iron but you do in the days afterward when the muscle is \"resting.\" The general rule for strength training is beginning with three sets of 8-12 reps at a weight that leaves you almost incapable of doing the entire set. Then, rest for 30-60 seconds before attempting your next set.

Don\'t be disheartened if you\'re unable to accomplish all of the reps on every set. In fact, use that to determine when to add weight. If you\'re doing each set without any muscle strain, you will want to add weight.

Self motivation helped you to start, but many people have a difficult time maintaining the pace. It helps to know that the source of our motivations is a belief. Think about it: If you didn\'t believe the gnawing sensation in your stomach meant you were hungry, you would not feel motivated to eat.

Learning what ideas motivate you is essential to losing weight, because when you feel powerfully motivated, you will exercise regularly. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a form of self-hypnosis. And there are NLP methods that can build exercise motivation because, over time, desire to exercise for weight loss alone probably will not be enough to keep you going. Exercise hypnosis motivation therapy can help.

Your initial task is naming the most important things in your life. We call these things your highly valued criteria. Highly valued criteria are customarily intangibles: money would not be highly valued criteria, but the security, freedom or fun that money can buy would be.

Next, establish what you need to believe to feel motivated to exercise. It is necessary to keep in mind that logic has nothing to do with belief. Things don’t have to be logical to believe them. You may find you already have a belief that conflicts this new idea. That’s okay.

While understanding what motivates us is important, hypnosis exercise motivation therapy can put these ideas to work by ensuring self motivation lasts. Hypnosis for motivation does this by modifying the computer codes in your brain, so you believe thoughts that motivate you.

Belief systems are based in our unconscious mind, which is like a computer. Computers don\'t have any capacity to reason. The input controls the output. The methods used in exercise hypnosis motivation therapy can make you believe nearly anything, as long as you\'re willing to believe.

You start by making a picture in your mind that illustrates something you already believe, such as, \"I love my children.\" Then you learn to calibrate the elements or \'Submodalities\' of that mental belief picture.

Next, you make a mental movie that illustrates your motivational idea. Let\'s say your motivational idea is, \"If I exercise, then I\'ll look great and my marriage will improve.\" Then you learn how to adjust the Submodalities of this mental image to correspond with the Submodalities in your calibrated belief picture. Conversely, if a belief is holding you back, the same technique can change that belief to doubt.

Self hypnosis for motivation that uses NLP can provide you with something of an internal personal motivator. Using an exercise hypnosis motivation program ensures that the zeal you began with remains until reaching your objective, and then helps you maintain that objective.

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10 Self Motivation Ideas You Cannot Avoid

10 Self Motivation Ideas You Cannot Avoid
By: Fadzil Dolmani

Forget about achieving your goals in life if you cannot even motivate yourself to take actions toward achieving them. It may sound harsh, but that is the truth. You need to be able to master yourself to instill and develop your self motivation as it is the only lasting way that can ensure you to the success destination you have always dreamed of. What matters most is your own action. You need to create and develop your own self motivation to bring you the energy and enthusiasm to pursue the dreams of your life.

You need some kind of motivational drive in anything you do. At work, you may need your colleague or boss to motivate you to accomplish your task. At home, you may need your family member to share some motivational thoughts to keep you energetic in your pursuit of your dreams. They can sit with you all day trying to keep you motivated. Again, all these will be meaningless when you yourself fail to acknowledge that you need more lasting drive to really keep your enthusiasm, that is, your self motivation. This is the quality that will separate you from the rest of the people.

Most of you may be thinking that this is going to be a very daunting task as you do not have the slightest idea of how you are going to go about this. You will be surprised as how easy this can really be done. Here are the 10 things that you need to follow:

1. Stop worrying about making mistakes.

Making mistakes is one way we can learn and improve in our life. There is no one that has never made any mistake. The most important thing here is you realize that you have made mistakes and do not repeat the same mistakes again. You will learn the most from your mistakes than any other way.

2. Feel happy about your life.

Happiness generates more positive energy within you. This energy is important to keep you more optimistic and enthusiastic about your life. Happy people are always motivated to accomplish something in their life.

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

You need to learn to get into unfamiliar surroundings to explore better opportunities. Do not just stick around with the same people, same known places, skills or work. Explore new things that will enhance your ability to achieve your goals and keep you stay motivated.

4. Think the unthinkable.

Nothing will stop you from thinking of goals you want to achieve. You have to dream high in order to set high goals. Everything starts with a dream. Do not limit yourself in your goals and dreams.

5. Read and listen to inspirational materials.

You have to start spending time reading motivational books and listening to inspirational tapes. But, you must also implement what you learn from your reading and listening. New things you learn from these exercises will give you excitement and energy to work harder toward achieving your goals.

6. Resolve problems instead of running away.

Your ride to success destination will not be smooth all the time. You will face difficulties. Do not quit when you experience predicaments in your quest to achieve your dreams. Frustrations and setbacks naturally form as parts of your success venture.

7. Appreciate every moment of your life.

Think of what your life really is as of now. Appreciate every moment you have currently. Thinking about the past or day dreaming about the future will not bring you anywhere. Appreciating your current conditions makes you feel much better and realize the need to move forward to achieve your goals.

8. Finish what you start.

Once you have started something, finish it. Never leave what you do halfway regardless of the end result. This will make you accustomed to finishing any task you initiate, which is important if you really want to achieve your goals in life.

9. Face challenges one at a time.

Challenges are components in your success journey. Take up one challenge at a time. Do not try to accumulate and face them at one go. As the challenges accumulate, you will only feel less motivated to face them and finally unable to complete anything.

10. Care less about what people say.

You may hear a lot of bad things people say about you. Sometimes those bad comments may come from somebody close to you. As long as you fully know what you are doing to achieve your goals, you can let those comments fall into deaf ears. Thinking too much about what people say will only make you weaker and loose focus on your effort.

Of course, this list does not just stop here. To instill and develop your self motivation, there are more ways you can do. But, if you can really comprehend and take the appropriate actions just based on these 10 things, you will definitely see the results.

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Self Motivation : Building The Techniques

Self Motivation : Building The Techniques
By: Fadzil Dolmani

Fear and reward are two most commonly used methods to build motivation in someone. But, these methods are temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation. Motivation actually is the enthusiasm of doing something. It refers to inner feeling, strong desires, and expectation about something. You may sometimes loose the necessary level of the inner drive to get something done. Self motivation is what you need to boost the level of your inner drive to achieve your goals.

Self motivation is a form of self encouragement. You will say to yourself that you have the capacity to do better and eventually get whatever you want in your life. This inner enthusiasm will push you forward until you achieve your set goals. You may not even be aware of any reward in the beginning but you keep working on it. You work on it because your inner strength says that you can attain your goals. This is your will power - the driving force behind your self motivation. Self motivation is a combination of will power, goals and ability to continue attaining the highest level of your success.

You need self motivation to accomplish tasks you have now. Along the way, you may be facing with situations that are discouraging and can bring down your motivational level. You need to keep yourself really focused on your objectives to maintain the level of your self motivation. Here are techniques you can adopt to start acquiring higher motivational level and achieve greater success.

Writing Your Plan

Success does not come easy without any proper plan. Failing to plan is actually planning to fail. Therefore, you must give a greater emphasis on having well prepared plan to achieve your goals. You simply need to have your plan written on a piece of paper. Having your plan clearly written gives you more psychological inner drive to work toward achieving your goals. You create more enthusiasm and can see more clearly how you want to achieve your goals. Thus, your commitments will be much stronger.

When writing down your goals, state very specific terms. For example, if you want to accumulate certain amount of money, state exactly how much you want. You must also set a specific date to fulfill your goals and specific rewards for achieving your goals. Writing is not enough if you do not follow up with some reading. You have to make a point to read your written plan at least twice a day. Once in the morning before you start your day; and one at night just before you go to bed. This simple routine will keep you stay motivated.

Be realistic, things happen in life. Unforeseen circumstances may sometimes require you to make adjustments in your plan. Go ahead and make the necessary adjustments. But, try to maintain realistic limits. Do not make it too easy or too hard for you to achieve. Set it just right to maintain your motivation level.

Visualizing Your Goals

You need to simply make your goals as visual as possible to maintain your motivation at the highest level possible. If your goal is to own an apartment, find pictures of your desired apartment keep them in front of your eyes. Visualizing your goals creates a positive impact on your mind and keeps your motivation surging. When you feel very down, visuals will help you provide the necessary boost to surge your motivation level.

Like the written plan, you have to make a point to see the visuals at least twice a day. The images you see of yourself achieving the goals you desire will instill strong impact in your mind, which will control your actions to maintain your level of motivation.

Controlling Your Feeling

This one is not quite straight forward action. It has to do with your feeling in your mind. You need to control what you feel. Your feeling will reflect your mental attitude and moods. If you feel upset and depressed, you will feel as if everything crashes on you. This feeling reflects on your physical self. You will lose concentration and everything you do will be full of mistakes. You have to learn to start controlling your feeling.

The simplest way will be to start your day with a smile. No doubt this can be fake at times due to things that happen around you, but you have got to master this simple task to ensure that things around you will be pleasant and enjoyable for the rest of the day. You can feel the enthusiasm and energy level soaring. You will be able to stay motivated and spread positive energy around you.

Your mental and physical attitudes work closely. Hence, to stay motivated, learn to develop cheerful and confident characters by simply walking with your face up and smile on it. You will realize that your confidence and self motivation developing. It is probably kind of hard to maintain the action, but with time, once it naturally becomes your way of life, you are able to motivate yourself even during difficult times.

Giving Your Effort A Reward

You need to give yourself a reward for what you have achieved. This one simply acts as an appreciation to yourself in achieving your goals. You have to credit yourself for what you have gone through, your determination and your hard work in ensuring your success.

Earlier I said reward is a temporary method to motivate someone. In this case, a reward is not what keeps you motivated. It is just an element to add flavor to your self motivation exercise. You may want to think of a simple reward that sounds reasonable with what you have achieved. Do not get over excited about this. Meaning, the reward has to be at par with your level of achievement. Take this positively to further enhance your level of self motivation.

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