Finding Inspiration in Everyday

Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

In all aspects of business, inspiration is vital. Inspiration is what helps us through the difficult times and prepares us for the good. Whether we want innovative ideas for our product range or ingenious promotional concepts, inspiration can be the trigger.
But can we just flick a switch and be inspirational?
Clearly the answer is no. But there are ways we can nurture inspiration so that we can tune into and reap the benefits.

Inspiration can be found everywhere; by always adopting a positive attitude, the chances of finding inspiration around us will be enhanced. Jack London memorably wrote, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." So, instead of waiting for it, where can we look for the inspiration in our lives?

First of all, let's start with children - a glorious fountainhead of stimulating creativity. Our kids, and our friends' kids, are a constant amazement. Young children, with their incredible ability to develop new skills, should be a revelation to all of us. Remember when they begin walking - starting by rolling over and not being able to flip back again. Then the first time they can roll onto their front and support themselves; the first crawl when they are not quite sure how they did it, but can't wait to do it again.

Suddenly, after crawling around the room at the speed of a mini-cyclone for perhaps weeks or even months, they decide to take, literally, the next big step. Children will not be defeated; they go through flat periods when we think they will stand still forever, but then they learn the ensuing action and progress starts again. Hang on to that childish enthusiasm and refusal to be beaten. As Frank Tibott said, "Action generates inspiration."

The glories of the natural world can help us find inspiration too - simply gazing at the awe-inspiring grandeur around us can raise us to new heights. Inspiration can be gained from a simple flower, surviving and then thriving in an alien environment. The ability of nature to regenerate itself after a natural disaster; the way the animals sensed the destruction about to come in the cataclysm that was the tsunami some years ago; the natural world is both a passive and an active inspiration for all of us.

One can also be sure of finding inspiring insights and vision from the world of art - be it classical or modern. The ability of an artist to capture the minute details on a painting or a statue can lead to a piece of work that can revitalize us and energize us when we need it most. Or the story behind the work - the sacrifice, devotion and even danger that a person put themselves through in order to see a piece to completion - often then only to be scorned during their lifetime.

Or the favorite piece of music that can always lift us. So many of us have that song or symphony that can be sure to rejuvenate us. Then there's the movie we can always put on and play because we realize that we need the lift only it can bring; if we build it, it will come.

The inspiration we find around us can develop the positivity in our lives which we can then take with us into our business activities.