Stop Punishing Yourself

Stop Punishing Yourself

Some people are really hard on themselves.  This is fine so long as the outcome is productive. In most cases, however, the effect of being tough on oneself is rather more negative, in that it may lower ones confidence and de-motivate at the same time.  A select few respond well to unduly tough self examination, and find that it motivates them to greater levels of creativity and productivity, but this will be because their tough approach taps into something more positive.

I think the simplest way in which to explain why this negative spiral is the norm is to examine the effect of one's thoughts.  If you think of negative thoughts as transmitting a negative energy then you will appreciate that this energy is one which restricts and pulls one backwards; positive thoughts, in contrast, transmit a positive energy which is expansive and propels one forwards.

Being tough on yourself will generally transmit negative energy which is thus more likely to pull you to the ground than it is to create empowering "wind beneath your wings".  On an odd occasion a really tough blast of negative energy will aggravate and frustrate you enough to motivate you to rise to the occasion, but this will tend to be the exception as opposed to the rule.

I find that it helps to think of these energies in a more visual manner.  I definitely feel negative energy as a thick, black, fog-like cloud which all but has chains which it can whip around your ankles and thereby sweep your feet from beneath you.  Negative energy has the ability to derail you. 

Positive energy, by contrast, is light and sparkling; it twinkles and shines like a full moon which lights up the landscape, or a beautiful star which you can use to not only see where you are but also to plot your course safely into the future. Positive and negative are, to me, light versus dark, empowering versus restricting, good versus bad, rich versus poor and love versus hate.

What is absolutely wonderful is that every human being has the power to choose their own thoughts.  We don't have to think negative, restrictive, poor or hateful thoughts.  No matter what is happening in the world around us we can think about anything we wish to in exactly the manner that we may wish.

Sometimes, though, we may find it challenging to respond to events in a positive, light and sparkling manner. When this happens we may need to dig deep within our minds to find a hook to which we can cast a rope and haul ourselves back upwards.  Hypnosis is one such hook, and probably the strongest hook of all.

Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind which is the part of your mind which acts automatically and spontaneously.  If you find that your natural instinct is to be tough on yourself, then hypnosis will allow you to access the part of your mind where this natural reaction is triggered.  With hypnosis you can retrain your mind to me more naturally positive and more motivating.

You can learn to stop punishing yourself and be more positive simply by enlisting the help of hypnosis.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnotherapy mp3s for happiness and well-being.

P.S.  Please feel free to grab a free hypnosis mp3 from my website, designed to help you feel good.

How Can a Motivational Speaker Help

How Can a Motivational Speaker Help?

There are numerous ways in which the people in your office or home can be motivated. A motivational speaker is like a stimulus that provides the inherent optimism and energy in man to perform better. But it is difficult to make the right choice when it comes to motivational speakers.
Many people make dubious claims of being the best but they prove to be otherwise. It is no easy job to motivate others. If you need to address a business audience you need to choose accordingly so that your audience extracts the most from the interaction.
There are various categories of motivational speakers and so you should choose the one suitable to your needs. You need to make sure that you have sat through his session couple of times before you invite him to your event.
Some people tend to brag about themselves and that is not healthy to the group of employees sitting through the session. You need to look for a speaker who is passionate about his audience, who considers the audience as the integral part of the session.
You should always go through the certificates and citations of the prospective speaker before you choose him for your cause. He should be able to substantiate his clams by giving requisite records and documents.
Do not fall for some highly confused yet glossy claims that are existent only on paper. Check all the things so that you choose the best man possible.
Avoid speakers who tend to use catchy phrases and slogans that they might have picked up from infomercials. They tend to bank on pomp and show rather than substance. It is important to know that some are glib talkers but they may not necessarily motivate your audience.
There will be many positive changes in your employees once they sit through a session of motivational talk. The right motivational guru will help them realize their potential and exude positive energy. They will help you inculcate your intellectual faculty to the fullest and egg you on to perform better.
Boosting the sagging morale of corporate employees is often the reason to hire a motivational speaker. It will work wonders for your team. You will emerge as a stronger leader and your team will be up and about the place.
A speaker should be inclined to your specific needs and tailor his talk accordingly. If he is not helpful then you should hire someone from the corporate world. They often are better motivators as they are grilled in the corporate rat race for many years. A good speaker will have such force and vitality in his speech that your team will seep in his positive energy. He should be able to make things work for your company.
You should start searching online for the right man to motivate your team. Often professional motivational speakers have their own websites and you can have a hang of the speaker even before meeting him.
You should be able to find enough credentials of the speaker so that you understand whether working with him will be beneficial in the long run. Ask other business leaders and the like if you want to be sure.
In that way you will leave no stone unturned for finding the right man. It might be a tiring search but it is worth the effort. You will see the fire in your employees once again. That will bring a smile to your face.

Motivation Results in a Fun Day at Work

Motivation Results in a Fun Day at Work

It can be very hard find a reason to go to work, let alone to have fun at work. However, you can begin your day full of motivation and determination to have fun at work. Many things bring a person day throughout their day, but why let the daily grind of things bring you down. You will want to think about all the possibility that the day might bring.
The motivation to have a fun day can begin because you have enough sleep to feel rested. You have to get at least eight hours of sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed. For those who sleep more or less will only find their day to be a drag. Then once you have gotten the right amount of rest, you should then think about having something to eat. Every day starts with a healthy and delicious breakfast. This will also give you the energy needed to deal with the rest of the day.
The key to finding the motivation for a fun day at work is not allowing anything to bring you down. You have to be determined to have a good day in order to have. You have to wake up with the ability to let things role off your back. You can't be so serious about your day. You have to find the motivation to have fun inside yourself. You just have to wake up thinking that the world is full possibilities.
In fact, did you know that if you begin your day thinking that today is not like any other day, your day will end up being extra ordinary? It is true! Because of Karma, you will find that you will get back from the world what you give it. The point of Karma is to lead a good life and in return, you will have a good life.
Like if you pass a homeless person on your way to work, if you throw a little bit of charity their way you'll end up getting back something from the world that will be positive. Karma motivates people everyday. For those who don't know what Karma is; it is the way that the world treats you. However, for you to have good Karma you have to lead a good life. Karma is like that saying, "What comes around, goes around."
If you are not into the whole Karma thing, you may want to think about letting go for your own sake. Some people find it easier to laugh then cry and that goes the same for work. People find it easier to perform their job when they laugh. It is good to give in to these people. Allow someone to tell you a joke or tell you a story. By socializing with others, you'll find the motivation to look positive through out the day. When you find the motivation going away, you may want to think about something that has happened to you lately that was enjoyable and then use that to motivate yourself to see the good in the day.
It is hard to motivate yourself, but if you are able to begin the day on the right foot you'll find that the motivation to have fun at work will become easier everyday. You'll find that not only will you be able to motivate yourself to work harder, but to even live life happy to be employed. There are so many people who dread their job, but if you can see the good in your days then you'll be able to live an much happier life and to have fun at work.

How to Motivate Different People in Your Workplace

  How to Motivate Different People in Your Workplace

Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an
employer, but learning how to inspire each individual is the key to a
successful organization. This article will provide you 18 ways to
motivate different people in your workplace. Whether you're an
executive, a manager or a team leader, the following information will be
beneficial to you.

If your workforce resembles that of most
organizations, many different kinds of people are toiling under one
roof. In one area, you have a person striving for better pay and
benefits working next to someone for whom the pay is secondary to the
job duties. Nearby, an employee struggles to balance work and home life.
And yet another worker on the same team is looking for a new position
because he thrives on change and is seeing the same old tasks every day.

you know your workers' differences, the music they make together may
sound more like a cacophony than a symphony. Research conducted in 2004
found six different segments in the American workplace. All workplaces,
especially large ones, will likely employ some of each type of worker.
The list includes:

Fair and Square Traditionalists, who want their work to provide stability and a secure future. Motivate them by:
- Asking for and giving them feedback
- Talking to them frankly
- Discussing the mission and their role in making it happen

Accomplished Contributors, who prize teamwork. Motivate them by:
- Nudging them toward team leadership roles
- Giving them specific measurements of their success and growth
- Asking them what they want to do next

Stalled Survivors, who see work as work, not life. Motivate them by:
- Focusing on work-life balance and what to do when one is out of kilter
- Putting them on teams that provide support, empathy and role models
- Helping them plan for their career future

Demanding Disconnects, your least satisfied workers. Motivate them by:
- Giving them non-routine tasks
- Discovering their strengths to use on the job
- Paying attention to their ideas

Maverick Morphers are enthusiastic and like trying new things. Motivate them by:
- Providing a congenial work environment
- Letting them know what's going on
- Discussing their progress

Self-Empowered Innovators like work for the sake of work. Motivate them by:
- Giving them responsibilities that allow for learning and growth
- Ridding their path of obstacles
- Allowing them to stretch the company's vision

easy way to motivate your workforce is to find out what drives each
individual employee. The answer is simple: assessments. Employee
assessments will provide you with insight that could lead to higher
productivity and job satisfaction throughout your organization. The
information collected from assessments provides company leaders with
perspective on the current reality in their organization's workplace and
highlights areas of concern affecting the total workplace experience.

companies use employee assessments to help them find ways to motivate
employees and make them want to live up to their full potential. This
provides better results as each employee's reason for working is unique.
Addressing each individual's needs in the organization will create a
highly motivated workforce that strives for the best as a whole.

the organizations of today and tomorrow requires knowledge that
yesterday's leaders did not need. Think of managing today as trying to
put together a jigsaw puzzle with millions of tiny pieces. You cannot
force the pieces together; you must examine each one to see where each
fits in the picture. Your goal is not to finish the puzzle, because it
is ever-changing; your goal is to keep putting the pieces where they

About the Author

Jim Sirbasku is co-founder and CEO of Profiles International, a
leading provider of human resource management solutions and employment
assessments for businesses worldwide. Learn more about how assessments
can help your organization motivate different people in your workforce - visit our website.

Three Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

Three Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

Writing is a wonderful, yet sometimes, very hard thing to do. Often it is very easy to not "make the time" to write and nobody is going to motivate you. You have to motivate yourself. Here are three techniques that will get you writing.
Technique 1: Modify Your Internal Dialogue
The biggest reason why a person doesn’t write is the internal dialogue that is run when making the attempt to write. It usually takes the shape of unreasonable questions like "What should I write? Or What if my writing doesn’t make any sense? Or What if my dream of writing is just silly?" These questions become a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you hear yourself asking these questions you should immediately interrupt this pattern by replacing it with new questions like: "What kind of fun things are going to happen in my fictional world today or what challenges will my main character overcome today?" This shifts the focus from you to the world you are writing about. This is extremely effective in that it erases the thoughts of doubt you are having and starts a train of thought about the writing.
Technique 2: The Carrot
There are common tools used to motivate people in all sorts of ways and there is no reason why you can’t use these tools on yourself. I keep a pint of my favorite ice cream in the freezer with a note on it: "Did you write?" It is as simple as that. If I don’t write I don’t get the reward. You can set yourself a word or page count goal and then establish a reward for achieving it. And with writing it is very important to establish a time line too! You have to say something like: "If I write a page every day this week I am taking myself out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate." And make sure you stick with it. No writing and no ice cream.
Technique 3: The Stick
As funny as it sounds this is a technique that really works on two different levels. Assign yourself an unpleasant task like cleaning the bathroom or organizing the garage. If you don’t make your writing goal then this will be your penalty. I have used this technique and it is really effective. And the interesting thing about how this technique works for me is that while I am doing the chore I assigned myself I am thinking up new ideas, scenarios and plots for my writing. For me, simple tasks that take a few hours seem to clear my mind and free me to think. So even if I lose the challenge I still win.
Writing is an extraordinarily rewarding pursuit. Yet sometimes it can be a very hard thing to do. It is just putting words down on paper and you have been doing this since the age of four. So don’t worry about anything and just write. The only way to get good at it, as with anything elseArticle Search, is to actually do it.
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How Past Lives Stories to Motivate You

How Past Lives Stories to Motivate You
 by: Sherri Frost

Your own exploration of a past life might be motivated from paying attention to others past lives stories.

Many countries accept reincarnation as a fact. In those countries it is more likely to find people with such a remembrance. Most others believe that the mind is has been emptied of all past life memories and that is why people forget. You may not recall everything but you may often get a quick look into the past, one that you might think is deja vu. It might seem like a blurry memory of something that has happened before.

A memory could be triggered by anything. It might be an event, sounds, colors or shapes in your current life. As a result, you might want to learn more about these fleeting glimpses into the past or you may want to find out more about yourself. Whatever your reason, you can successfully explore your own past lives with self hypnosis. Let these past life memories inspire you to open up to your own excursion of healing through past life regression.

These are just a few of the many past lives stories that illustrate the point.

Susan had a troubling sensitivity around her neck and didn't know why. There was no apparent reason for it. Through past life hypnosis, she discovered that she had been labeled as a witch in Salem during a witch hunt. They placed a rope around her neck and hung her. This gave her clarity about why her neck was so touchy. Her neck sensitivity decreased right away with this new awareness.

Bill was feeling a general sense of loss with no obvious rationale. One of his past life memories included living in India. One day he was preparing to hunt elephants. He was attacked and eaten by a tiger. Becoming aware of his first sense of feeling loss helped him to let go of these feelings in his present life.

Paige had married young and by the time she was forty, she had already been divorced twice. Each time her husband had cheated on her and so she left. A past life regression led her to discover that she had been a man once... one who had been a gambler and cheated on his wife. Being aware of this pattern helped her to break it and now she is happily married to a man that treats her well.

The importance of these past lives stories is that it gives you the ability to recognize where your problem stemmed from. Once you do, you can release it. You don't need to put up with it any more.

4Tips to Staying Motivated in the Midst of Failure

 4 4Tips to Staying Motivated in the Midst of Failure
 by: Sakthivel Perumal

That's right. At one time or another they have flopped, fell short, missed the mark, struck out and goofed up royally. However, the difference between these people and the rest of the world is that when they failed, they made a choice to use the experience to better become stronger.

Are you determined to reach your goal? Do you really believe you can achieve what you set out to accomplish? With determination and belief, you too can make the same choice to turn a failed situation into a winning one. How? By choosing to adapt a positive perspective and engage in edifying self-talk. Here are four opportunities to stay motivated in the midst of failure:

"The Only Direction is UP” or “It Can't Get Any Worse"

Feel like you've hit rock bottom? Don't beat up on yourself too badly. To experience disappointment, heartbreak, embarrassment and/or self-doubt is to be human. However, to wallow in this state for too long is downright destructive. Tell yourself that it doesn't get much worse than this point of failure and let yourself know that the only place left to go is "upward." Use the failure as motivation to start climbing back up. When you do this, you will see that instead of running from failure you will look it in the eye and overcome it.

"I Have a Chance to Do Better Next Time"

As long as you're breathing, there's always room for improvement. Choose to use your failure as motivation to do better the next time around. When you remember your goal and envision reaching it, you will be super-charged to find ways to develop yourself. For example, if you need to do better in school, make (and follow) a consistent study schedule. If you are intent on a promotion at work, take classes to increase your skill-set. No matter what the failed task consists of, you can use it to motivate yourself to get more done.

"Hmmm, I May Need to Change Direction"

Does it seem like you've come to a roadblock? Then the solution may just be detouring and moving toward your goal in a different way. When something does not work out as planned, you need to re-evaluate the route you are taking. So review the situation, re-group and get on a track "around" that roadblock. The track may be a different one, but it may also be a more successful one.

"This is Not the End of the Line"

Know this: everyone fails from time to time but failure is not the end of the line unless you allow it to be. You blundered, you tried, you failed and it hurts. Allow yourself time to grieve it but then let it go so that you can get back to the business of reaching your intended goal. Your goal IS your motivation. Remind yourself that the only positive option is to seek ways to turn the situation around. Then tell yourself that in the morning, you will begin again!

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Motivate Your Workforce With Unique Corporate Gifts

Motivate Your Workforce With Unique Corporate Gifts
 by: Robert deans

Many individuals wake up in the morning, feeling less than enthusiastic about the day at work ahead of them. Thinking about waking up to face another day at the office can fill many individuals with dread - particularly if their day at work means more stress, deadlines and expectations. From an employers point of view, this is not ideal. If someone dreads the idea of work they're unlikely to be motivated or productive in their job. An unmotivated employee is unlikely to complete their job to the best of their ability or to the required quality. This is proven considering new employees. At this point within their careers they're full of eagerness and happy in their work. They will often produce work to an exceptionally high standard as they are driven to do a good job and to succeed! Why do a lot of people then lose enthusiasm for their job along with the working environment?

On many occasions, the possible lack of interest from their superiors causes many people to feel unappreciated and unmotivated to complete any work at all. If an employee tries hard to carry out an job but gets no credit for it, the enthusiasm to finish another assignment is simply not there. Even when an employee does not get some type of recognition at the end of the year they can feel unwanted and worthless. Everybody wants to believe that the job which they do is important to the world or to other people. How can an employer boost morale levels within their workplace and create a motivated workforce?

An employer could use unique corporate gifts for example personalised mugs! A worker may feel appreciated and recognised regarding their hard work if an employeechooses unique corporate gifts for their staff. The input of all members of the company is essential. This could be compared to the workings in the human body, however small the body part may be, it has a crucial role to play in the body working properly. In the same manner, all within a company or the working environment are crucial and need to be recognised as so. A unique corporate gift is a small gesture for an employee to thank them for their work and recognize the efforts in the past year.

A popular choice of gift that many employers have made use of previously is a personalised mug. When all members within the workforce are feeling valued this may make a positive change to the atmosphere at work. This good environment can change an employees view of the day at work ahead. Coming to work wouldn't be so much of a task and would instead be something pleasant, somewhere that they too can make a difference.

So, if you are an employer who's searching for a solution to motivate employees, investing in a unique corporate gift for all members of the office might be a perfect solution to making every employee feel acknowledged and important. You could be the employer who everyone loves and enjoys working for, the employer who takes the time to think about his or her employees and thinks about ways to thank them for the work they might have put in in the year. Discover for yourself, employees getting more motivated with unique corporate gifts!

Motivate Staff with Promotional Products

Motivate Staff with Promotional Products
 by: Michiel Van Kets

Christmas isn't the only time of year to consider saying thank you to employees for working hard all year around. In fact giving them a small token of your appreciation at an unexpected point in time will get you a lot more brownie points for the simple fact that it is a complete surprise.

Giving the workforce a thank you gift demonstrates to them that management is taking note of all their hard work and helps to motivate them to work even harder as well, as well as boosting the sense of team spirit amongst employees.

Recognize your employees past accomplishments with a business award, certificate, or trophy to give them a feeling of pride and satisfaction whilst premium quality products can be handed to particularly high achievers. You can easily give everyone a simple gift without going over budget which will be appreciated if practical, quirky or colourful - it's not necessary to spend a lot of money as it's the thought that counts.

Promotional products can also be used to motivate staff to do well in the coming year. Offering a luxury prize to those who achieve targets can make them work harder to not only reach the target set but even improve upon it! This keeps everyone happy, the employees because they get something they can treasure and the management as sales improves. When setting goals it's best to do it together with the employee and ensure they are measurable and plan rewards to fit with the target.

It's been proven that providing staff with work clothes gives them a sense of pride and improves the work ethic, particularly if the uniform is smart and of good quality. T-shirts, jackets, and caps branded with the company logo are a good way to encourage employees to do their best as customers can easily identify them as part of the workforce. They also feel part of a team and confidence levels can increase as they feel they look good. If your business requires a lot of staff to work off-site, then high visibility wear such as sweatshirts, printed t-shirts and jackets are perfect and practical.

Other items that are appreciated by staff include items they can use in the office, anything from a calendar or personal organizer to mouse mats and pens are extremely practical and useful, but are low-cost products - so you don't need to spend a lot of money to put a smile on people's faces. Give them out as little presents at the beginning of the New Year and it's like a fresh start for everyone.

You can even customize your gifts by choosing those that are specific to your industry, think about giving appointment planners for sales representatives, aprons for those who work in catering or custom flash drives for office workers.

Flash drives provide flexibility as they're small enough to carry around in your pocket but can store files of all descriptions and the storage ability is huge for such a small item. They also provide a platform from which to raise awareness of your brand by printing your message and logo on both sides for high visibility. Choose bright colours and designs that are sure to catch people's attention, most people would be really happy to receive such a useful and cute gift, nearly everyone uses them these days so who is going to grumble?

Behind every successful business is a hard-working team and using promotional products to motivate and thank them is going to ensure this team spirit remains strong. They are also the most effective way to raise brand awareness amongst potential customers as people are more comfortable choosing a brand they are familiar with. Promotional products like custom keyrings, flash drives, and calendars are a subtle method of advertising and put your brand name out there for the public to accept in a manner that is understated and acceptable.

Motivational Art in the Office

Motivational Art in the Office

Motivational Art in the Office

By: Ashvin Ramasawmy

In today's business environment, motivational art has quickly become the darling of entrepreneurs. Why? Simply because it works! In short, motivational art posters/prints are photographs or drawings that carry an inspirational message that corroborates the picture. Therefore, they make the perfect office wall décor. Not only do they add some esthetics to the room but surrounding yourself with motivational art will help inspire you and boost productivity.

Here are 5 power tips when buying inspirational posters online:

(1) It does not matter having more than 1 inspirational print in your room. You can have as many as you want, as long as you don't end up cluttering your wall.

(2) Every motivational artwork will deeply influence your mood. Therefore, try to find a print that not only serves as a good office décor, but also as a therapy during hard times. For example, if you procrastinate a lot, find an artwork with a compelling statement about procrastination. This will motivate you to stop procrastinating and finally get the job done.

(3) Never ever try to decorate your wall with bare posters. They look cheap and sweetly degrade your whole office décor. Remember that motivational art is nothing short of art! Always either laminate your artwork or frame it for a better coup-d'oeil. It is also good to mention that you should only buy from companies that have an in-house framing and laminating service.

(4) Place your artwork in a strategic position where you will often come to have eye contact with it. Do not place it in your back unless you have a good reason for doing it, as in if you receive people in your office and want them to peep at it while talking to you. (... ) This helps create a friendly atmosphere and puts people at ease. You might also want to place a few in your waiting room if you have one.

(5) As far as possible, purchase "art prints" instead of "posters". Motivational art prints are printed on a higher paper grade and does not degrade easily in time. Posters are, well, just the contrary.

As simple as it might seem, the right inspiring words can make a real difference to the right person. Whatever is your objective in business or real-life, motivation is a key factor to success and having a motivational print on your wall is the first step to success.

Author Bio

Ashvin Ramasawmy is a young netpreneur who sells art online. You can visit his website by following the link.