Goals For A Successful Goal Setting Outcome

 Goals For A Successful Goal Setting Outcome

There are likely hundreds of different ways of goal setting. However, out of all the ways of goal setting there are some important steps when writing goals which are likely to make it possible for you to achieve the goal.

Looking at the stats, we know that only around 7% of people goal set. By this the 7% are people who consciously decide on an outcome they want to achieve. However, looking at another important stat with regard to finance, we find that only 1 out of 100 becomes rich or should we say that it is the level of above a million dollars in income, multi-millions in assets, etc. And only 4 others will be financially independent.

Though goal setting does not have to be about your financial sector, it still is a good measurement. After all for many who set and achieve those big goals it generally directly or indirectly made them rich. So, it is a good way to look at both.

There are ways to get to this successful group, and by doing goal setting, I have to congratulate you, as you are only one of few who goal set. However to get into that 5% of true achievers there is a few things more to do, and these steps are essential for success.

Your goals must be written down. After all, it must be an important goal. An important goal set is one which must be written down or it will fade. Remember your goal, and write it down, this is the first point of achievement.

However, simply writing a goal down does not do much difference to the achievement. There is more to do, if you truly want this goal manifest in your life. The most important way to go about writing your goal is to be clear. So many people will wish, so many people will say I want to be rich, I want to be healthy, I want a Yacht, but so few will do the most important step - formulate, clarify, and write it down.

Upon looking at your set goal, consider what it is you really want? Is it $1,000,000? Is it a certain weight, a certain holiday, a certain Yacht? People will say they want a Yacht, but never did anything about it, apart from something aired on the Discovery Channel!

Our minds are like a great ocean; however, we need to find ways to focus. Most people go through life without controlling the ship. You are like a ship, like an airplane, a missile, and a powerful one at that. To reach your goal, you have to know the destination, and approximately how long it will take for you to get there.

If you are one of those 5% who will one day realize the results of the 5%, then you are one who is taking action, now. Everyday you take action. For you, I want to leave you with one key overlooked, and that is time.

You have to know where you are, and where you are going, and how long it could take. Though most people like you, who take action will find that the goal is not achieved in the time set, and here is where catastrophes could happen.

Most people who reach this stage will give up, because they see the goal not achieved. However, remember this is a goal which you have set, and never achieved before. Though you maybe like an airplane, a goal striving being, you have to realize that the airplane has made the journey many countless times, years upon years, and they know almost with certainty the time it will take.

If you are on a journey to a new destination, one which you have not been to before, don't question how to goal set, instead think of yourself like Columbus. You have your goal, and work to it, you don't know how long it will take, but you can console that it can be achieved in a lifetime.