Motivation and The Law of Attraction

Motivation and The Law of Attraction

A lot of time in life, we may feel that we are too lackluster. We do
not want to do much and we do not enjoy what we are doing. We feel bored
of our work, our family and everything around us. We do not see the
meaning in living and are not sure where we are heading to. This is when
we need to be motivated. This article reveals how to be motivated by
the law of attraction.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English gives the definition of "being motivated" as following:

"Very keen to do something or achieve something, especially because you
find it interesting or exciting: They are a really good bunch of
students -highly motivated and very intelligent."

Are you
motivated? May be not or may be not at the level you want. You may want
more motivation so that you can achieve more. How are we going to be
more motivated? Here are the techniques to be employed including:

1. Find your passion
you do like to do? Notice that there must be some activities that you
specially like and want to do them a lot. That's where your passion is.
See if you can apply those passions in your daily activities. Ask
yourself how you are going to be as passionate as you are when you
perform those activities. Find out how to be passionate on what you do
will be the major tool to get you motivated.

You may need to
brainstorm yourself by listing all activities that you have to do and
see what can be improved on how you feel toward them. You may need to
change some of the activities if you can. If you can not, change the
environment to the one that you like. Or you can change the meaning that
you give to them. Most of the activities can be fun if you know how to
handle it. To be motivated is very much on your thinking and your
feeling. Once you can master it, you can do anything with a lot of joy.

2. Set up your ultimate goals. What do you want in life?
without goals is not a fulfilled and fun life. And if you do not have
fun you will not be motivated. Find out what you want is crucial to make
you feel more enthusiastic and energetic toward your life. Set up your
goals in each of the major area in your life. Then see how you can
achieve those goals. Set up what you would do in order to reach your
goals. The process alone will give you more meaning in life. And you
will start to see the value of living.

3. Always focus on the joy you will have when achieving your goals.
add juice into life, you need to know what to focus on. What will make
you excited when you think about it? Just think of what you will feel if
you can not miss any of your goals. How much happy and fun are you
going to have? Focus only what you want, not what you don't want, will
help you motivate yourself and make your life more meaningful.

4. Visualization
visualize is to communicate with your subconscious mind. It will make
your subconscious mind attract circumstances and attributes favorable to
achieving your goals according to the law of attraction. Visualize as
if you have achieved what you want in front of you. See it and feel it.
Regular visualization will add the feeling of joy and certainty into
your life. Once you are certain that you will get what you want, you
will be more motivated. You may add background audio to each
visualization to make it more powerful. Attraction Accelerator can be
one of your choices.

We may need some motivation in life some time. This article talks about how to be motivated by using the law of attraction.