How Comics Can Motivate You

How Comics Can Motivate You

The Sunday paper has one section that is really popular: the comics.
When we are looking for a good laugh this is the place. Laughing is good
for you. Comics are helpful in others ways as well. They can help us to
get motivated when we are trying to run a business.

When you
are working in your office have you ever noticed that a lot of the
coworkers have funnies on their walls? They can break the monotony of
the work day. Yes, they make us laugh but they also encourage us when we
read them.

Most comics have the theme of a small business or
work room. Most all comics also have something of the office sort as
well. They are some of the most famous comics as well.

example, the comic Dilbert, is in a professional office theme and he
makes funny jokes about what the management is doing. When working for
someone else and feeling frustrated these funnies help us to blow off
the steam.

When we are working for ourselves these comic help us
to communicate with our staff and to work effectively. This also helps
us to remember why we made our policies and to remember to ensure they
are followed.

Blondie is a comic were the people have their own
businesses. The most popular person in the comic is Blondie. That's
where the comic gets its name.

Blondie used to be a house wife
and now she has a catering business with a friend. They have many
adventures and misadventures that give us encouragement to get our work
done better than they did.

This strip may help small business
owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. They have open situations that most
all working people can relate to. Blondie has a husband named Dagwood.
He is in construction.

When they talk about Dagwood and his
boss, the experiences are really funny. They give us an idea of what we
don't want to see in a workplace so we can prevent it.

strip is Hagar the Horrible and even this comic strip can provide some
encouragement. Hagar the Horrible is about a Viking Warrior that is
trying to invade England repeatedly.

He is so determined to
invade them it is really funny seeing the things that he will do to get
there. He also has a crew that puts more chaos to the strip and makes it
even more hilarious when you are reading it.

Placing the Comics where you can see them

you have found a comic that you enjoy and find motivational. Post them
on your monitor or the wall in your office. When you feel like you need a
laugh when things are getting rough or if you just need a little
motivation, you will have it infront of you.

When you are
posting the comics you can give some to the other members of the staff
to make sure that they have a little encouragement as well.

you are running your business it is vital to have a sense of humor.
When we are stressing, the comics can help us to think of the funny side
of things instead of being frustrated and worrying about everything.

also help us to be motivated when we are not motivated. They serve as a
quick mood change when we are not feeling up to anything or when we are