What Motivates You

What Motivates You?

What Motivates you? What makes you tick, what makes you work, this, motivations, aside from food are the main fuel of the human body to accomplish what should be accomplished

Before you ask the question of what motivates you, first you should ask yourself, ìWhy do you want motivation in the first place?î Is it to be successful, to be satisfied, to be happy? How much do you think youíll improve when you do get motivated?

Motivation is simply a state of mind, as said earlier, something that keeps you going, your children, yourself, the people around you, the world, whatever keeps you motivated it keeps you on the go.

If however, you are looking for something to motivate you, take note of the second paragraph, what do you want motivation for?

For effective self motivation most experts dish out these three tips.

One: You should know what you want to achieve, take note of your goals and believe that you can achieve them

Two: You should be able to imagine and foresee what it is like to finally achieve your goal. The Happy feeling, the euphoria or the sense of satisfaction that would be present when you do get it

Three: there should be no negative aftereffects when you achieve your goal. No lurking Devilís deals, no adverse effects.
As said earlier, motivation is a state of mind, learning to use your imagination can be a stepping stone towards sure motivation. As you foresee your goals and the consequences they bring, the drive to achieve them become stronger.
Positive Thinking

Motivation can be found in the most unusual places. Some people fall and breakdown during trying times, while some fid energy in all the trying places, in the most adverse environment, heroes, geniuses and inventors are born.

Ever heard of the saying, ìTragedy brings out the best and the worst in peoleî? Those people who show their best are those who are on the positive side of motivation, what motivates them is the will to survive to pass the dark and enter the light.

Instead of dwelling on the banes of life, these people put it to their advantage, take it as a challenge. That is true motivation, not just simple drive, but also positive thinking.

You Get What You Give

Most of the times that people feel down or blue is when they see that the people around them are sad as well. Ever experieced being soo happy and when you suddenly call up a friend to tell them how happy you are they ruin your day because theyíre all grumpy? This is exactly how motivation works.

So instead of being grumpy, help others, be the motivator, and once they get out of the slump, you can help each otehr.

Never get dragged dow by other people, instead pull them up, and when they can stand on their own you can join forces to build steppings stones for your ascent.

Mind set and Will power Beats Everything

If you prioritize pessimism and frustration, thatís what you get. As said in the previous paragraphs, nothing good ever comes out of something negative. Therefore, you should have a powerful mind to resist all the rocks that the world is throwing at you. Turn those rocks into building blocks that will help you build up your success.

Having a rock solid will power as well as a focused mind can help to motivate event he most depressed of people. Even the lazy guy from across the street would run faster than a car if you convince him that you have him at gun point.

The world keeps on turning with or without you, and whether you like it or not, life goes on, its only up to you whether you want to be the loser and go with the flow, or be the radical and be successful.

So now its time to ask that question again, what motivates you? Still thinking? Well, the only thing that should is optimism, the belief that good can come out of anything, the kind of positive thinking that could break even the most negative people. This is what has made those that came before you successful; this is the only ingredient in the recipe of success.