How to Write Your Book to Be a Super Seller

How to Write Your Book to Be a Super Seller

You don't have to become a hermit to write a super selling book anymore. Simply write the solution. It's a known fact solution oriented books sell well; even better than other non-fiction books.

Here are a few tips to help you write your book to sell well before you even publish it. Give your book manuscript the test of solutions. Ask yourself the question, 'What problems does my book solve? To achieve maximum sales in the marketplace, write your book to offer solutions for two to three problems in your field:

1. Write to inspire people to do something good. Weave inspiring stories into your book and sell more. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership spent 18 straight months on the Business Week Business Best Seller List. Dr. Maxwell started each chapter with a short story of a famous person successfully using the chapter's law of leadership.

2. Write to entertain, make your book readers laugh or just have fun. Do you have a talent to make people laugh? Use it in your book. Provide a little oasis of escape for your readers. People love it when you entertain them. Intertwine funny stories into your non-fiction manuscript. Entertain them, make them laugh; they'll love you for it. Best of all, they will have fun telling all their friends about your funny book.

3. Write to motivate your audience with your success experiences to do more, give more or share more. Share your experiences to motivate your audience. Share how you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in your field. It will motivate your audience to think if you did it; they can do it too.

4. Write to offer original, different information. Have you wondered what makes a new diet book sell well even when there are scores of diet books on the market? The author presents their unique set of successful diet rules, their exercise program, their perspective, their testimonials and their credentials. They use original, different information for the same results.

5. Write to give a greater understanding of life. Have you been gifted with a deep understanding of life? Put small excerpts of your understanding throughout your book. Sprinkle your quotes along with other famous philosophers or world thinkers within your book.

6. Write to directly solve your potential reader's problems. Get this right and you could have a super seller on your hands before you know it. Do you know the solution to a vexing problem? Write the solution in your book. You might be surprised at who's searching online for a little relief.

7. Write in an easy to read style to help your book readers learn about something. Take a complex subject in your field and make it simple. Most people enjoy an easy reading language. They will reward you by reading your book to the end then telling all their friends to get it.

8. Write to offer your specific skills and information within the solution. Thousands of people search for specific information daily. They want easy to understand information. Educate your audience; include engagement tools in your book. Help them make more money, cut costs and solve their problems. Examples include: online assessments, how to tips, short reports, resource lists, how-to tutorials, dictionary of terms in your field, etc.

9. Write to extend your expert advice to a specific group of people. Target a group of people looking for answers within your broad market. For example, the Chicken Soup series for Teen-Agers, Mothers, even Prisoners sold much better that the original more general Chicken Soup for the Soul.

10. Write to give your readers an opportunity to learn something new or interesting. Sprinkle your book with little known interesting facts about your topic. Be careful to avoid information overload with pages of detailed statistics. But if you sprinkle them as morsels throughout your book, you create anticipation that will lead your readers through to the end. People love statistics and bite-sized trivia about just about any topic.

Are you ready to start writing your super seller book yet? Did your book idea pass the test of solutions by solving problems in at least two areas? Great! Now that you know how to make your book a super seller, go ahead take the plunge.

Don't hesitate any longer. Start today. Your audience is waiting for your solution-oriented ideas and viewpoint. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.