What is Motivation? - Everything

What is Motivation? - Everything

Do people really think that life is meant to be lived in default? Getting up, going to work because you have to without any real motivation or joy in doing so. Do you want to regret your boring life when you are on your death bed? Or do you want to look back at a life that is so bright and wonderful it is almost blinding to look at?

What is Motivation?

Is motivation the key ingredient to getting what you want in life? In reality, motivation is an inner process that helps you to move toward your goal in definite motion, with purpose and vision. Drive and determination are two qualities necessary to experience real motivation.

Some people allow different things to motivate them. It could be your job, your marriage, your family, your income or your wealth. What is motivation to you? If you can find out what is motivates you, then you can have tap into your true self and hone in on exactly what you need to do to succeed.

Without motivation you will go nowhere in life and end up like most people, running to the movie store to rent enough movies, or to the bar on Friday to help you zone out until Monday. Let me know how many truly successful people you find at a bar?

Some people have learned what motivation is by seeking to improve themselves and creating a vision that is realistic as well as having an inner desire that outweighs the challenges.

Since motivation is a parallel to the word, "move," lack of motivation is when your life is at a standstill. This equates to fear of failure and what keeps most people from doing anything significant in their lives.

You can tell a motivated person when you see one. They have that sparkle in their eye and they are always looking for new challenges and ways to grow. Growth is synonymous to motivation because there isn't really a stopping point of "all right, I have done enough it is time to just sit around and do nothing." Motivation is ongoing as you will find that successful people always have something that motivates them. They know that there motivation is what helps shape the very world that we live in.

Staying motivated is not necessarily easy, however, especially when we face obstacles or uninvited trouble that dampens our spirit. Negative thoughts and anxiety come into play and we can become unmotivated and doubtful about our future.

However, there are some people who have learned how to pick up the pieces and use their challenges as a stepping-stone to move forward. That is what makes these people successful. They view failure as a lesson in life and never see themselves as a victim.

What is Self-Motivation To You?

If you are a person who is disciplined, goal-oriented, and organized, it is quite likely that you have the skills to motivate yourself. It is possible that you have realized what motivation is and have used it to become the person that you are today.

Self-motivated people know that there is no simple solution to becoming motivated after a disappointment, but they also know that if they can beat the odds, then they will be stronger the next time another obstacle comes along.

Self-motivated individuals realize that their thoughts are what control their emotions. Learning how to nurture their thoughts into a positive outcome helps them to pull themselves together and keep focused on their long-term goals instead of the temporary situation that is plaguing them.