Self Motivation: Physical is Psychical

Self Motivation: Physical is Psychical

Relations between Physical - Psychical is the foundation of self motivation and goal achievement.
Yes, It is truth.
Your Physical condition depend most of all on your Psychical and emotional condition.

I study this for many years and I discovered that connection between Physical and Psychical is stronger than I thought.

I read in Yahoo! Questions many people ask why they start loosing weight faster or store more fats than before. This is because of the stress and stress is Psychical condition.

So, first thing we should do before start weight loss or muscle gain program is to take care about our Psychical condition and keep it as better as possible.
You have to be positive, happy, think with love and joy. These emotions are our emotional guide, which help us monitor our Psychical condition.

It is very hard to go back to road after you have had some emotional problems such as: Relation break, People don't like me, I am ugly, I am fat and so on...
I have had some of these as well and I know it is hard to go on.

I discovered that solution is very close to us and it's not so hard to go back.

I suggest you some tricks and tips to prevent stress and bad psychical condition and go back to your normal healthy fitness way of life:

1) Don't close yourself. Be with people all the time.
This helps because when other people around you are in better psychical condition it is very hard to be stressed and it's easy to balance your condition. It works!

2) When you are depressed don't try to be with other depressed people.
Try to find happy company and people who are naturally positive thinkers. Don't try to find other depressed people.

3) Watch lots of comedies and funny movies.
Remember: Your emotions are your guide.
Being happy and laughing all the time is very good way to keep stress away.

Tip: If you feel yourself thinking bad thinks and feel unhappy try to think about your favorites things. Imagine a cute baby for example!

4) Find mentor.
It is very helpful when there is someone who can help you and give you advice all the time. Someone with strong valuable and moral system.

I believe fitness and health life depend most of all on our Psychical condition.
Ones we handle it our fitness training, weight loss and diet programs are going to be more effective and productive.

I hope this will be useful information for you and I am open for your stories, questions and suggestions.

If someone write me about his own successful story I will be very happy.
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By Miroslav Nikolov
Published: 7/28/2008