Is Self-Motivation a Problem?

Is Self-Motivation a Problem?

Do you find it difficult to get self motivated? Do you love the idea of being self motivated, but lack the drive to get started?
Want some help? OK!

The first thing to do is grab a pen and paper, put on your thinking cap, and start thinking! What is it you would like to achieve?

Before you do anything else, write this goal down. The mere act of writing your goal down will help keep your motivation strong. Make you more determined to achieve.

With me so far? Good!

Try not to make your goal one that you hope to achieve within a short period of time. Plan to make it become a reality sometime in the future. Now take this main 'big goal' and break it down into small parts.

Make sure each part is achievable. If you have any doubts about this, break that small part down to be even smaller.

Have you put them down on paper? Good! Hold on don't rush off!

It's no good writing them down if you are going to stick them inside a book, or tuck them away in a drawer! Pin them up where you can see them! Read through the list every day and cross each goal off as you complete it - wow I bet that feels good! The list is shrinking!

Don't only read through the list, visualize how your life will be when you reach the final piece of your goal. Now hold that vision in your mind.

Any time you feel your motivation begin to sag, call up that vision. Think strongly about it. Really concentrate hard on it. Imagine the sense of achievement you will feel knowing that you stayed motivated and on target with your dream.

If you have a friend who you know will help encourage your motivation, why not share your plan and ask if he/she will help you any time you feel that you want to give up?

It's not always easy to stay self-motivated, even when there is something you really want to do. Other challenges may crop up in your daily life that seem to overtake any plans you had on working towards your goal. Try to stay centered on what it is you hope to achieve.

Don't take the easy way out by saying you haven't got time to get motivated. If you do this, you may feel good about your decision to give up initially, but when there is something you really, really want to achieve, it wont belong before regret sets in and you wish you hadn't dropped your plans.

Sometimes to give in seems the easiest thing to do, but that could be because you aren't feeling in the mood and have lost your self motivation. If this happens don't forget to visualize the final successful outcome. This should give you the courage and determination to keep going.

Achieve one small goal at a time. No need to rush. Slow and easy will get you there every time.

By Kay Drummond
Published: 10/16/2007