How to think creatively

How to think creatively:

1. Find new ways of doing things.
2. Believe it can be done and you’ll find a way; nothing is impossible.
3. Welcome new ideas; be receptive.
4. Soak up good ideas.
5. Ask yourself "How can I do it better?
6. Your mind has an endless memory capacity, use it!
7. Do what you do better, and do more of what you do.
8. If you want something done, give it to a busy man or women; these people do things decisively and quickly (they don’t have time not to).
9. Encourage others to talk, this way, you receive new information.
10. Test your ideas by saying "What will make this work?
11. Listen, concentrate, and emulate what other people are saying.
12. Expose yourself to ideas of intelligent others.
13. Don’t let ideas escape, write them down.
14. Present your ideas in writing, they have more power.
15. Mix with people of different occupational and social interest.
16. Do it!

In business, if we are to remain interesting and informed, we should:
1. Regularly read a good business newspaper (select only pertinent articles, save time).
2. Read at least one business magazine per week.
3. Read trade association magazines and good books in the field of your interest. Make full use of the data obtained.
4. Try to read six inspirational and self-improvement books per year.
5. Talk to other business people as much as possible.
6. Listen to business people as much as possible.
7. Observe and keep current on business procedures and conditions.

Eight (8) things we all want and need:
1. Health and the preservation of life.
2. Food.
3. Sleep.
4. Life in the hereafter.
5. The well-being of our children.
6. Money and things money will buy
7. A feeling of importance and appreciation.
8. Sexual gratification.