How Past Lives Stories to Motivate You

How Past Lives Stories to Motivate You
 by: Sherri Frost

Your own exploration of a past life might be motivated from paying attention to others past lives stories.

Many countries accept reincarnation as a fact. In those countries it is more likely to find people with such a remembrance. Most others believe that the mind is has been emptied of all past life memories and that is why people forget. You may not recall everything but you may often get a quick look into the past, one that you might think is deja vu. It might seem like a blurry memory of something that has happened before.

A memory could be triggered by anything. It might be an event, sounds, colors or shapes in your current life. As a result, you might want to learn more about these fleeting glimpses into the past or you may want to find out more about yourself. Whatever your reason, you can successfully explore your own past lives with self hypnosis. Let these past life memories inspire you to open up to your own excursion of healing through past life regression.

These are just a few of the many past lives stories that illustrate the point.

Susan had a troubling sensitivity around her neck and didn't know why. There was no apparent reason for it. Through past life hypnosis, she discovered that she had been labeled as a witch in Salem during a witch hunt. They placed a rope around her neck and hung her. This gave her clarity about why her neck was so touchy. Her neck sensitivity decreased right away with this new awareness.

Bill was feeling a general sense of loss with no obvious rationale. One of his past life memories included living in India. One day he was preparing to hunt elephants. He was attacked and eaten by a tiger. Becoming aware of his first sense of feeling loss helped him to let go of these feelings in his present life.

Paige had married young and by the time she was forty, she had already been divorced twice. Each time her husband had cheated on her and so she left. A past life regression led her to discover that she had been a man once... one who had been a gambler and cheated on his wife. Being aware of this pattern helped her to break it and now she is happily married to a man that treats her well.

The importance of these past lives stories is that it gives you the ability to recognize where your problem stemmed from. Once you do, you can release it. You don't need to put up with it any more.