Self Motivation

Self Motivation

self motivation, a brief guide

By Claude Faucher

For any homeworker, it is the most important factor which will lead to success of failure. You wake up, the sun shining through your window. You have no boss except for the international internet market place, and she doesn’t tell you off if you’re late, she doesn’t let you know you’re not being efficient.

So wake up and get to work on your list of stuff to do, that you made yourself the night before. Make the list you made your boss and follow it, each and every day, and remember to be realistic. If your list will take twelve hours to complete, chances are, you won’t do it, each day the tasks will pile up upon the old ones until you’re buried under a veritable mountain of dull monotonous tasks. Self motivation is the most strenuous part. So take it easy, schedule a mini cigarette break for every time you complete a task if you smoke, or a tea break if you’re healthier then I am.

It’s all about commitment, persistence, being realistic with yourself, you’re not a machine and if you’ve spent your life being used to being told what to do by your boss, your school teachers, your friends, which surprise surprise is true of most people, then making the changes to your self that might make your work from home feasible requires a journey of self discovery and you will find yourself much more likely to know yourself and your weaknesses.

Why is self motivation difficult? I would put it down to the nature of the species. We’re herd animals, designed to gather in groups for safety, designed, in evolutionary terms to hunt in teams. Hermits have never been the most productive of people.

But the advantages may be huge. You cannot rely on others to encourage you all the time, you need to be self motivated to achieve in any aspect of life.

The devil of the solitary worker, whether you’re a writer or an internet marketer is procrastination and a good way to defeat it is to divide your tasks into manageable portions, and to consistently analyze your self. Why didn’t you complete step four of the list you made? Was it because you were distracted by the latest episode of your favorite TV show, was it because you spent too much time surfing and emailing? Be reasonable with yourself. Be hard towards yourself

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