How to Motivate Someone Who Has Already Chosen to Give Up

How to Motivate Someone Who Has Already Chosen to Give Up
By Lance Winslow Platinum Quality Author

Have you ever run into someone that has hit the wall, bonked or just flat has nothing left? You talk with them and they are completely out of go, all they want to do is quit. You can try to motivate them with good cheer and say; "you can do it, come one let's go, you can do this, come on!" But they still are so intent on quitting they are having none of it, they are not even listening, they have lost all their will, and they have already made up their minds to quit.

Now you might think that at this point there is nothing you can do, you have to leave them, but you can't, you know you can't, that's just not you; that is not what you are about. It's like mountain climbing with someone who is half way up the mountain and so tired they cannot go any further, you cannot just leave them there, if you do they could end up falling. Many people stuck in this distressful situation when trying to motivate others will pretend to leave them and then come back, when this does not work you need to do something else.

You need them to change their minds, as although this is a physical challenge that is the basis for the problem, it has now turned into a mental one. Thus, you must work on it from a psychological stand point. You must also remember that you cannot help someone against their will. They must choose to succeed, choose to face adversity, choose to fight, to dig deep inside when nothing is left.

Once they choose to never surrender, to not give up, it's amazing what they can do. The more adversity they can overcome the stronger they will develop their will to press on. I know, I was there once and someone helped me to keep going. Now when I help others complete their challenges, I will never forget what it's like to be there.

Many who have chosen to give up will say; "you do not understand," but that is like a teenager telling their parents that they do not understand, sure they do, they were teens once too. So, when trying to help others tell them that you do understand, tell them of your pain and how you made it through, then tell them; "come on, let's do this together!"

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