Motivation Techniques And Strategy For Success

Motivation Techniques And Strategy For Success
Truth About How To Succeed In Life Every Time

This article aims to reveal the truth behind the techniques and motivational strategies for success in life. Whether it is for wealth, a perfect relationship, health or just happiness. The reader will also find in this article a proposed formula for success.
Using simple techniques and strategies along with a powerful motivation for success, you can succeed in life at anything every time. - Let's find out how!

I was talking to a friend over dinner and he was just telling me how he met his wife, who he has been with for 17 years now and counting. They are still in love like as if they just met - A great success story I must say.

He told me how his former girlfriend had left him, how he was depressed, and how he really wanted to fill that gap in his life. One year had past, all motivation techniques were useless, and he still wasn't himself, he had lost his drive, and it was affecting his work as well. There was no Motivation for success any more.

One day, he decided to straighten his life out, and the best way, was to take a trip so he can clear his head. He promised himself that when he would be back that he will be a new man, full of energy, a zeal to succeed and would surely find himself someone he loves - and loves him back.

While he was in Malaysia, he got caught up in the middle of a bar fight, where a broken glass injured him. He was taken to the hospital for stitches.

... To cut a long story short, he met his future wife in the hospital. - He succeeded, he was motivated once again. What happened was that she came in to visit a friend who was ill, they talked a bit - nothing much happened then, but soon after, they met at the airport, they were on the same flight, and there you have it... 17 years later he is happily married with three kids... Talk about techniques and strategy, there was none... motivation to succeed was the winner.

Now, our stories may not always be as glamorous as my friend's, - but it may be, if we take a closer look... Success and motivation are key players in getting anything you want, but technique cannot be overlooked either.

So, what did we learn from this story?

This life we live in, is full of mysteries, and we cannot have absolute control over the things that happen to us, and when, no matter the techniques and strategies we apply. However, when we are motivated and ready for something, and really want it bad enough to work our way towards achieving success, we will eventually succeed at it for sure.

You may have been in a similar situation, where you wanted to succeed at something so bad, and you decided on the best technique and strategy to go about getting it. Eventually you find yourself facing so many difficulties, that you just wanted to give up. However, just because of the motivation, desire and effort you had already put in, you could not stop moving forward to success. You still kept pushing, and eventually what you were seeking just came to you without effort.

You thought to yourself... why all the hassle?

Or did you give up before it happened?

I've tried for some time now, to study this phenomenon, to find if there is a formula, a technique on how things really work. I came up with an answer based on a popular saying "God helps those who help themselves".

What I discovered is that, if we do nothing about it, we will get nothing. But if we try hard enough, believing that it will work, it will eventually fall into our laps... Even if the results are not directly related to our effort and techniques. The motivation for success and the targeted act alone is proof enough that we really want it and we will get it.

A very simple example is what happened to me just last month. Whenever I start a new project, I have this habit of trying to balance my payments with another- actually, it's just so I get the sensation that it is free money I'm putting into that investment. I know it's silly, but it works for me.

I hired someone to build a new software that will cost me $7,000. So now, I needed to balance that payment. To do this, I will want to take on a new client just for that purpose.

What happened next was amazing; - After my search for a new client to balance that payment (I applied Motivation and techniques for success). I got an email 2 weeks later from an old client I had not spoken to in 4 years, and he referred me to someone who needed my help with a website. What he wanted was an auction site just like eBay as well as the strategies to make it work. Guess what, I do run an auction business, and guess what again. I sold my custom script, plus some hours of consulting for $7,500. How weird is that?

So you see; anything is possible!

We just need to define the end result - Whether it is health, wealth, happiness, or a perfect relationship... anything. Then be motivated and create a success plan to achieve it, using various number of techniques... really all this is to keep you motivated and allow you see your path more clearly... you should really work hard to follow through to success. The end results will most likely be positive, even if not in the way we imagined, but it will be.

The message for today is Visualize your goals, take action and you will succeed.


Motivation techniques and strategy for success:

1: Write down on a piece of paper or on your word processor, ONE clearly defined end result you desire.

2: When you have determined your goal in a clearly written form, also using figures as a measure of success where relevant, then, set a time frame you expect to reach this goal.

Taking you health for example: Instead of focusing on the illness, think about something that this illness has been depriving you of achieving, (think of the bigger picture) and work towards achieving that.

3: Now let's say you set a short term goal for one month. We can break down the techniques and strategies of that goal into weeks, then days, hours, minutes and even seconds... Starting right now.
By doing this, you can easily create short term multiple checkpoints to help you measure your success of your techniques and strategy in the long run.

You should reward yourself at each checkpoint to keep you motivated to succeed.

Remember the key is to be realistic in your goal setting and most of all, confident that your technique will work... just as simple and straight forward as mathematics. 1+1+1 = 3 :)

The world would be a much better place if you and the people around you all experienced inner peace, abundance, joy and happiness... We count on you to help spread the word of the wonderful gifts of life.

By Edward Hadome
Published: 6/28/2008