In business, we could try to

In business, we could try to:

1. Be professional, follow procedures, don’t be lazy.
2. Improve communication skills. (Keep people informed).
3. Avoid procrastinating. (Maintain control and be effective. Plan and carry-out tasks.)
4. Improve delegating skills. (give authority and responsibility to others.)
5. Maintain orderly forms, applications, desks and files.
6. Have a sense of humor, not too much.
7. Emphasize long-range relationships.
8. Have wide ranges of conversation; don’t be narrow-minded.
9. Be able to absorb criticism objectively and constructively.
10. Be on time for all appointments; give honest reasons for being late.
11. Always express appreciation for the time of the people you deal with.
12. Improve reasoning abilities.
13. Increase self-reliance, enthusiasm, initiative, self-control, charm, thinking, concentration of effort.
14. Master persistence, will power, ambition, and memory.
15. Always act with a definiteness of purpose.
16. Think positive on our jobs, this determines how our subordinates think toward their jobs-set the example.


Personal Magnetism:
1. The hand-shake
2. Tone of voice
3. Posture and carriage of the body.
4. Vibrations of thought (idea conveyance).
5. Body adornment.