Are You Having Trouble Getting Out Of Bed?

Are You Having Trouble Getting Out Of Bed?

Is it a problem for you to get out of bed first thing in the morning? Are you slow at getting your day started?

By Hani Al-Qasem

Is it a problem for you to get out of bed first thing in the morning? Are you slow at getting your day started?

If you find it difficult to jump out of bed, have you ever asked yourself the question why? Why does it take snooze button after snooze button for you to eventually crawl out of bed? Do you think it’s because you are not getting enough sleep? Are you having heavy late night meals just before bedtime? Are you not exercising enough?

These reasons may contribute to your lack of enthusiasm to hopping out of bed. On the other hand it could be something completely different. As in you don’t find your life is exciting enough to have you leap out of bed. Think about it for a moment. Do you lead a boring, non-eventual life?

If your life is not thrilling you, take action now to change that. You only live once so make full use of it. Find the things that you enjoy doing, or at least think you enjoy doing and start doing them.

If laziness is stopping you from taking action, and you lack motivation here are a few steps that will help you to get on the track of achievement:

1. Realise that you are missing out on a lot of pleasures in life. Why would you allow the awesome things in life pass you by? Think about this, Life is too short to pass it away in bed. You should get up and have fun. Find something that you get pleasure from and do it. Life is to be enjoyed.

2. Now that you are aware of the great things you can do with yourself, make it a point to immediately get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Doing so programmes your mind that you are always ready for action; ready to start the day in a fantastic way to do the things that you love doing. When the alarm goes off switch it off and get the day rolling with a statement such as, “Today is a great day and I intend to make full use of it,” then throw your feet out of bed, stretch and head straight for the shower.

3. Plan your day as you are showering and singing aloud (if you haven’t done so already). What is it that you wish to accomplish today? What is important that you should do right now, and what can be done a little later during the day? My hint: begin with something you really enjoy and have fun doing, then progress to the other items on your list.

4. As the day goes by be responsible to take action to accomplish all that you planned for that day. It can be two or three items. It doesn’t matter. The point here is to get you used to getting things done; to taking consistent action on a daily basis. In due course, you will attain the habit of taking action no matter what. In time, the snooze button will not even exist.

As your excitement to getting things done grows, you will get energized that you are actually achieving things that you haven’t in the past. I won’t be surprised if you set the alarm a few minutes earlier, and the weekend lie-ins might come to an end. You will get up at the same time every day to get things done.

As revealed, the first step to taking action towards a more fulfilling life is to get up as soon as the alarm goes off. This way you will build a sense of responsibility for your life. Or would you rather stay in bed and watch life pass you by; only to regret all the things you wished you did?

Become more responsible and have a great life. Imagine if you spend only 20 minutes a day taking action to improve on your life, just think what you could accomplish after six months or within a year.

Take action now for a better life.

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