Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation
by: Jason Hulott1

A lack of motivation when it comes to losing weight and dieting is the number one reason why the majority of people fail when trying to lose weight or change their lifestyle, if you have motivation and backing then you are able to stick with the diet much more easily and reach your goals.

Planning ahead is the biggest self-motivation technique, having realistic goals and expectations for the amount of weight you wish to achieve over a set period of time can make all the difference to your success. Goals which you should set out at the very beginning of your diet plan include determining the amount of exercise which you plan to do on a daily basis. However it is essential that the goals you set out are achievable, you need to have in mind what the goal will help you to achieve and what it is you have to do in order to be able to reach that goal.

Make a note of all the obstacles that you can think of which might get in your way and stop you from reaching your intending goal, then decide on ways that you can get around anything that could stop you from achieving those goals. You should also set out a goal for when you will review any progress you have achieved, where possible make this the same day and time, also determine how you will treat or reward yourself once you have reached the goals which you set out.

Positive thinking goes a long way to ensuring that you remain motivated at all times, instead of looking at your diet in a negative way such as thinking of all the things that you cannot have, instead turn it to more positive thinking by considering how much fitter and healthier you will be on your new diet and change to your lifestyle.

Other ways you are able to motivate yourself is by making sure that you plan your meals ahead of time, this is essential when going shopping. Always make sure you have in mind what you will be eating for your main meals and try to make this a variation. Going out with a list in hand will make sure that you don’t pick unhealthy foods from the shelf.

Make a list for yourself of all the reasons and benefits that you are dieting, this list should be printed out and stuck around the house where you can clearly see it in those times that motivation is lacking. When on a diet everyone will have bad days and these are the times when you need to bring back your focus and instead of worrying about the bad think if all the good and what you have achieved so far. If you do stray then don’t beat yourself up too much but instead get right back on track.